KDU Ensuring Higher Graduates Employability

KDU students making their final preparation before seeking for the best place to do internship or land a permanent spot in renowned organisation.  Potential employers who are keen on developing the students before they make a progress in their actual career. 
A group of KDU students applying for an internship spot at the same organisation as a team.  Terrence and Gabriel Lau Chi Wen, the Head of Teaching and Learning Centre and Discovery Circle of KDU University College having a conversation. 
It goes without saying that the success rate of the programme introduced by an institution should be quantified by the number of graduates who have managed to secure a decent career pathway that could guarantee a promising future for the newly acquainted industry player. It is a dreadful reality that nowadays the number of unemployed graduates who are more than qualified are increasing at an alarming rate. To combat this, KDU University College has been carrying out its role as a higher learning institute to lay a proper foundation for its fresh graduates to gain an advantage in acquiring a favourable stepping stone and begin their journey as real industry professionals in their respective fields. As part of KDU’s well-embellished tradition, KDU’s School of Hospitality, Tourism and Culinary Arts has organised yet another SHTCA Career and Internship Fair for the graduating students to find a perfect match to do their placements and internships on the 20 March 2018 at the flagship campus of Utropolis, Glenmarie.

The primary objective of this special occasion is to bridge the gap between KDU graduates and real industry players; with KDU University College being the platform for students to secure permanent jobs or industrial placement with reputable organisations, be it in Malaysia or internationally. The event carried out by KDU’s SHTCA managed to garner interest from over 35 renowned organisations from across the globe such as Marriott International, Hilton Worldwide, RPT Singapore, Fullerton, Dorsett Hospitality International, Shangri-La and many more. These wonderful opportunities brought exclusively by KDU for the students will be able to provide ample learning experience for the graduates to secure an internship place or even a permanent spot in some of the most reputable brands in the industry.

According to one of the regular recruiters at the KDU’s career fair, Terrence Dass, a Cluster Assistant Director of Training of Dorsett Hospitality International, “I believe that KDU offers positive minded and goal driven graduates who are capable to excel in this industry as they are very well-exposed with the real industrial concept which has been provided by the institution effectively.
We even hired some trainees from KDU and they are doing quite well as they progressed in the industry. We are also offering them a decent package for career progression along the way.” He added, “We really hope that our future recruits would dare to be different and try to take up challenges because we need to understand that the hospitality industry is not like taking a walk in the park.” Terrence also shared a piece of advice for the newer generations who are eager to join the hospitality industry, “You have to look beyond the salary and build on the passion that you have for the job and then the rewards will come naturally as you become really good at it.”

To get the essence on the importance of higher learning institutions’ role in providing a proper footing for the fresh graduates to explore the real world industry, Sharizal Kamaruddin, Academic Department Head at SHTCA stated that “The Career Fair is held twice a year to connect our current students, graduating students and alumni with the industry partners. It has been moulded and become part of SHTCA’s tradition to prepare our graduates to overcome the real world challenges. This is the best platform for them to interact, get the latest updates about the industry; applying for jobs & internships and many other beneficial discourses.” Sharizal further added, “Through this, our students will get the necessary exposure from the interactions and interviews with industry players; identify the industry requirements for employment; make direct applications for jobs & internship to the employers as well as securing a permanent spot in the organisation. This way, the chances of students securing a job or an internship will be boosted dramatically, and we want them to get the best possible option available to kick-start their journey in the real world.”

KDU’s SHTCA provides students and graduates ample opportunities for jobs and internships upon graduation with smart collaborations and partnerships established with industry partners locally and internationally, making studying and learning experience here at KDU a peace of mind and a recipe for success.