KDU Environment Day 2018

 A group photo during the KDU Sustainability  2018.
 The winners for the Habada viral video together with Mr Faisal the founder of Tanamera Spa. Congratulations! 
KDU Green Troopers with KDU Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Hiew Pang Lang. 
 Our Chief Marketing Officer Mr Sheikh Fahmy together with Dr. Hon Wei Min participated in  the activity Plant a Cactus, Take One Cactus and Hang It! 
Student and Alumni Centre (SAC) organized KDU Environment Day to appoint Green Troopers whom is volunteered in sustaining the environment. 12 students whom volunteered to take part in this event. 2018 is a second year of KDU celebrating the Environment Day as part of Student & Alumni Centre’s initiative to sustain the environment. The program aimed to create awareness amongst the students together with the sustainability efforts by others.

Besides that, KDU Environment Day act as one of the platform for raising awareness and taking action on urgent issues in sustaining the environment. Over the years, people have taken part in initiating our consumption habits as well as in national and international environmental policy.

The event began with the introduction of KDU Environment Day by emcee Nicole and welcoming Prof Dr. Hiew Pang Leang, Vice Chancellor of KDU. Prof Dr. Hiew given opening remarks speech about green and green environment. Prof Dr. Hiew also appointed Green Troopers before the stage passed to HABADA Malaysia.

Habada Malaysia is a new product launched by Tanamera. Meanwhile, they also announced the winners of Video Viral Competition organized by Tanamera. Tanamera organized the competition for School of Business (SOB) students to create awareness about their products which is a lotion and mist with orange flavour. The first runner up had won RM500 cash while second runner up had won RM800 cash and the champion won RM1000 cash.

The KDU Environment Day was highlighted with a Pegawai Jabatan Perancang from Majlis Bandaraya Shah Alam (MBSA), Ms Annie Syazrin to be the witness of KDU’s Green Trooper. The Green Troopers’ student will also involving in MBSA’s program which to plant a tree under Trees for Life on 11th August 2018.

Green Troopers’ team will be responsible to sustain the campus environment together with their duties on to ensure everything works well in sustaining the environment surround the campus. Besides that, they need to responsible in spreading the awareness of energy and waste management. At the same time, they need to educate others to be more alert on the environment. They also need to maintain and ensure to the cleanliness, tidiness and overall quality of eco-hideout. Last but not least, Green Trooper will assist with the planning and executing of KDU’s sustainability initiatives.