KDU Environment Day Launched By Selangor Royal Princess

“Let’s create a greener and sustainable eco system for the youth today!” – This is the theme for KDU Environment Day 2017, which was launched by Yang Amat Mulia Tengku Puteri Zatashah (front), princess of the Selangor royal family. The VIPs for KDU Environment Day 2017, Y.A.M Tengku Puteri Zatashah and YB Elizabeth Wong (4th and 5th from left) sharing a lighthearted moment with KDU top management team. 
KDU’s Student & Alumni Centre (SAC) presenting a souvenir to Y.A.M Tengku Puteri Zatashah, witnessing by YB Elizabeth Wong (4th from right), together with KDU management team (from left) Mr Shanker A/L Sathivellu, Assoc Prof Dr Hon Wei Min, Mr Sheikh Fahmy bin Sheikh Mohamed, Prof Dr Hiew Pang Leang.  
In conjunction with World Environmental Day, KDU’s Student & Alumni Centre (SAC) organised the KDU Environment Day today, at its main campus in Utropolis Glenmarie, as part of SAC’s 2017 KDU Sustainability initiative, aimed to create awareness amongst students about the importance and need for sustainability efforts.

With great honour, the KDU Environment Day was graced by Yang Amat Mulia Tengku Puteri Zatashah, princess of the Selangor royal family, who launched the event with the theme Let’s Create a Greener and Sustainable Eco System for the Youth Today. The event was also graced by Yang Berhormat Elizabeth Wong, member of Selangor State Legislative Assembly, and Chairman of Selangor State Tourism, Environment, Green Technology and Consumer Affairs Committee, who endorsed the KDU Sustainability 2017 initiative.

Both guests were welcomed by KDU Vice Chancellor, Prof Dr Hiew Pang Leang; Deputy Vice Chacellor – Academic, Assoociate Professor Dr Hon Wei Min; Deputy Vice Chancellor – Administration, Mr Shanker A/L Sathivellu; and Chief Marketing Officer, Mr Sheikh Fahmy bin Sheikh Mohamed.

In her keynote address, Y.A.M Tengku Puteri Zatashah inspired KDU students and staff alike, to volunteer themselves for any opportunity advocating environmental sustainability, by sharing her own testimony of passion in going green.

“Don’t hold back, you have the power right in your hand! If there is something for the environment, you must  jump and seize the opportunity. You need to start somewhere, and I believe, as  youths, you are a key influencer in changing the mindset of the people around you, to enable them to be more environmental, eco-friendly and mindful of wastage,” Y.A.M Tengku Puteri Zatashah said passionately.  

Being an environmental advocate herself, Y.A.M Tengku shared stories about how she voluntarily took up a global project of generating a set of sustainable development communication policies while working for L’Oreal in Paris, her own going green efforts in reducing plastic waste by bringing her own tiffin and food containers when buying food, and on creating a viral movement in social media with #saynotoplastic.

On the other hand, YB Elizabeth Wong elaborated on Selangor’s efforts on going green, which included being the first state government in launching the “No Plastic Saturday” campaign back in year 2010; declaring no free plastic bag in the state in 2016; spearheading the use of electronic buses in the country; and achieveing 26% of the forest reserve by increasing 12,000 hectres of green land in 2016.

The event also incorporated various other activities such as the Eco Engagement Talk and Exhibition focusing on sustainability efforts by both EcoKnight and WWF Malaysia; Go Green Marketplace with eco-friendly food and product; and to cap off the finale, Eco Mini Concert performance by KDU’s young talents and local artists.

The concept of green campus is one that is slowly spreading and gaining traction across Malaysia, seeping into the educational sector with the belief that a sustainable environment can contribute to sustainable education, producing graduates of higher qualit. Going in tandem with this, the Student and Alumni Centre (SAC) at KDU developed KDU Sustainability 2017, an initiative under the umbrella of KDU Youth Empowerment Plan 2017.

The other initiatives under KDU Youth Empowerment Plan includes of KDU Career Exploration, KDU Fitspiration, KDU Culturation and KDU Hatch Up.

In line with strategies implemented by Selangor State Tourism, Environment, Green Technology and Consumer Affair Committee in recent years, KDU Sustainability 2017 also outlines a variety of green initiatives, as well as personalised actions that students can take to make a difference.

These actions consist of a ban on plastic bags and polystyrene throughout the campus, encouraging students and staff to bring their own recycle bags and plastic containers for take-aways. Every first Wednesday of the month, staff and students are encouraged to use the stairs as the elevators will be switched off. Some other activities that SAC have organised in the past for the Sustainability initiative include a collaboration with WWF for Earth Hour, as well as a Go Green photography competition, which enocurages students to share their point of view through the lenses in going green.

To continue spreading the awareness of a greener eco system, KDU will be conducting events every Wednesday throughout the month of June 2017, which includes workshops on upcycling and recycling. Apart from that, site-visits to organisations that support sustainability efforts will also be organised, enabling students to receive more exposure on this topic. Lastly, KDU will also participating in the Turtle Conservation Project at Penang this year.