KDU Expressive Design Art Club Organised Art Appreciation Marathon Trip

A group photo session with the participants of the trip at the Ilham Gallery.
 A group photo session with the participants of the trip at the iconic Mural Art at Section 7, Shah Alam, Malaysia.
It was indeed a pinnacle experience for the members of the KDU Expressive Design Art Club as they embark on a journey to appreciate arts. The fact that appreciating art requires a certain degree of skill and an inherent interest towards artwork do not stop these younglings from enjoying the trip and express their passion towards the wonders of arts in Malaysia. On the 2nd February 2018, Expressive Design Art Club had organised a Trip around Kuala Lumpur in a trip called the Art Appreciation Marathon Trip. Students were gathered at KDU University College, Utropolis, Glenmarie before they departed at 8:00 a.m. and reached their first checkpoint, which was the Mural Art in Section 7, Shah Alam. This place is located in between of the shop lots where the mural art is spread across the once considered a blank canvas of walls of behind of the shops and is very famous for pre-wedding photoshoots or any commercial videos, especially amongst youngsters. The students were grouped into five teams which were then given a task to take a creative team photo.
After the visit at the mural art in section 7, Shah Alam, they went to the Ilham Gallery which located nearby the Petronas Twin Tower (KLCC). There’s a docent that guide them through the tours to grasp the gallery highlights. The instructor started with a short brief of the place and gave the students the leaflet that contains information about the exhibition and the gallery. Ilham Gallery is a great platform for people to examine the Malaysian modern and contemporary artworks within a regional and global context. Before they move to their next checkpoint, she gave them a Catalogue book for free and ushered the students to Ilham Gift Shop.
It was later that students were told to gather at the Petronas Gallery on Level 3 for their second checkpoint. From there, they were given the opportunity to explore and get a closer look at the traditional and contemporary works ranging from paintings and photographs to costumes and crafts, visual arts done by both local and foreign artists. Their last checkpoint was the National Art Gallery. The students took 3 hours there as the place has been upgraded and renovated to provide bigger space with more artworks to every floor of the tour.

 According to one of the participants of the trip, Reino Tanamura a student from Diploma in Entrepreneurial Design in her second year, she said that this trip was a very good and helpful for students’ exposure, appreciation and innovation in terms of appreciating creative arts.

All in all, this trip was very much beneficial to students as it was the first platform to introduce them to different art forms and artist showcase in Malaysia. As we all know, there are no right or wrong in appreciating the arts around the world.