KDU Fitspiration Futsal And Netball Tournament 2017 Blend KDU Folks With The Spirit Of Sportsmanship

Action during the match between Frejya’s Team and Team #Siscuba.
 Frejya’s Team, a mixture of students from KDU Utropolis Glenamarie and Damansara Jaya campus.
Group picture of Team #Siscuba, a mixture of students and staff.  
Exploring new sports talents with the aspiration that they will hone their athletic skills and ultimately bring glory to KDU, the All Star Sports Club organised the KDU Fitspiration Netball and Futsal Tournament in March 2017, fully utilising KDU’s multi-purpose court and multi-purpose hall at its flagship campus in Utropolis Glenmarie.

There were a total of 14 teams that registered for the futsal tournament and 4 teams for netballs. Besides boosting the spirit of sportsmanship amongst KDU folks, the tournament actually set a great opportunity for the organising committee to showcase their leadership and teamwork skills while conducting these sporting events.

Out of the 14 teams that participated in the futsal tournament, teams ‘DJ All Star’ and ‘African United’ the Damansara Jaya campus qualified for the final match. The battle between both teams was entertaining as ‘DJ All Star’ led the game, with their 2 players - Alif Iskandar and Yusry Amin - showing impressive moves by controlling the tempo of the game and creating more threat for ‘African United’. Towards the end of the game, ‘DJ All Star’ was crowned as the champion of the tournament with a score of 1-0.

Whereas at the netball tournament, 4 participating teams were mostly from the Utropolis Glenmarie campus.  Played with the ‘round robin format’ – where teams that collected the highest point will be the champion of the tournament - students and lecturers were grouped into a team which also encouraged bonding amongst team mates.

‘Team #Siscuba’, a mixture of KDU staff and students won this tournament by collecting the highest point and crowned as the champion. Second place went to ‘Frejya’s Team’. The match battle between ‘Team #Siscuba’ and ‘Frejya’s Team’ was nerve-wracking as most of the players in both teams were experienced and well-trained netball players. All winners received prizes of the ‘Champion Fitspiration’ special edition  T-shirts. They will be selected to represent ‘Team KDU’ for the external tournaments in future.

All in all, good spirit and enthusiasm of sportsmanship brimmed over the organising committee as well as participants. Students are looking forward to train harder in order to win in the upcoming tournaments. They are eager to organise more sports events that giving a positive impact towards the youth development.