KDU Game Graduating Student Turns His Zeal Into Organising 3 In 1 Game Extravaganza

Ahmad Syafiq Nizar bin Ahamd Radzi, the Event Director of 3DS Corner and Cosplay Corner 2016, is a Bachelor of Game Development (Hons) student from the School of Computing and Creative Media (SCCM), KDU University College. Nintendo 3DS players gather at KDU College, Damansara Jaya, playing games and having fun together with their portable game console.
Cosplay will not be the same without photobooths!  
The transition from undergraduate student life into the real world can sometimes be a bit challenging as graduates take on a new phase of life that may come with some uncertainties. However, there are also students, armed with a comprehensive understanding of their tertiary studies curriculum and solid experience in their internship training program, who are ready and roaring to start something they are really passionate in.

This is especially true for Ahmad Syafiq Nizar bin Ahamd Radzi, a final year Bachelor of Game Development (Hons) student from the School of Computing and Creative Media (SCCM) in KDU University College, who has impatiently unleashed his passion in the games world and swiftly penetrated into the real world even before graduating!

Syafiq had a head start in event organising, showcasing his organisational as well as leadership skills. He was the mastermind behind the recent 3-in-1 game extravaganza held at KDU College, Damansara Jaya. The game extravaganza consisted of the 3DS Corner 2016 with the Pokémon Go launch Party, plus the Cosplay Corner 2016 – an event which served as a gathering for the communities of Nintendo 3DS players and also cosplay enthusiasts under the same roof, playing games and having fun together.

Held on 13 - 14 August, the event drew in hundreds of gamers and cosplay enthusiasts, even before the organiser officially opened its door at 10.00 a.m. on the first day.

According to Syafiq, who was the Event Director, the original premise was to have the 3DS and Cosplay Corner 2016. However, when the world’s current hottest game landed on our shores, he seized the golden opportunity of adding in the Pokémon Go launch party, through his contacts with Maxsoft, the regional Pokémon events company for South-East Asia attached to The Pokemon Company.

“Everything offered in 3DS Corner is Nintendo-related, hence, adding in the Pokémon Go element was perfect!” Syafiq explained.

By activating Lure Modules around Pokéstops at the venue spot, the organiser created much buzz for the event with this trendy game.  

“Our main objective was to create an avenue for the 3DS and cosplay communities really enjoy themselves and have fun with their friends, as this kind of hobby is one that is enjoyable when you meet like-minded people,” explained Syafiq. He added, as the communities have always desired for a comfortable place with good accessibility to meet up and play, he came up with the idea of having the 3 elements in one avenue in KDU College, Damansara Jaya.

Well on to his ambition of being a game development merchant in the future, Syafiq first honed his event organising skills with the first 3DS Corner back in 2014, gathering 16 gamers to play portable game consoles produced by Nintendo. The following year in 2015, during his tenure as KDU Game Club’s president, he put 3DS into reality, with up to 256 participants.
“This year, when I told the School that I wanted to do it again, they gave me all the support that I needed,” Syafiq elaborated.

Reflecting on what had moulded him so well, Syafiq stated, “KDU’s Student and Alumni Centre (SAC) trained me very well, be it from organising club activities to honing my marketing skills, as well as identifying specific targets for events. I am very thankful to SAC and SCCM for all these valuable knowledge and personal development.”

Syafiq is currently undergoing internship as a game marketer in Mediasoft Entertainment, an award-winning world class digital entertainment studio in Malaysia, with a portfolio of original IPs, games and animation. “During the day, I am a marketing executive; and during the night, I am an event organiser as this is my hobby and passion.”

For Syafiq, this is only the beginning of his journey, and his passion in organising events such as these will likely not wane. “I may be tired physically, but when I see the smiles and laughter from the participants, that is the zeal that make me work this hard and go far.”