KDU Grooms Students To Be Industrial Ready

Jacqueline from Body Shop showing the different texture of skin care to the very attentive participants of this event.  Group photo session where students pose with Lee Ha Nnah after her session ‘What to Look for when You are not Looking yet.’
Students having a discussion with ML Lim to find out more about the importance of values in life.   
Laying the most solid and reliable foundation for fresh graduates to transition into the real industry has always been the driving force for KDU University College as the institute hosted yet another grooming event for its students to embrace the challenges of the real world by inviting three guests speakers from different industrial backgrounds. There were three different workshops namely; ‘Personal Grooming’, ‘What to Look for when You are not Looking yet’ and ‘Pathway to Achieve Your Value of Life’ which were conducted in hopes to provide guidance and help students to increase their employability rate before graduating. The event took place at the flagship campus of KDU University College located at Utropolis, Glenmarie.

The event kicked off with the ‘Personal Grooming’ workshop which was led by Jacqueline from the Body Shop. Personal grooming has always been a very important matter, as the first impression is the key when attending an interview. During the session, students were taught on how different ingredients will benefit them when applied correctly on the skin. Students were also told on how to clean and rehydrate the skin after a long day, especially when the pores are being clogged by pollutants, such as oil and dirt.

The event progressed with the second workshop that covers the ‘What to Look for when You are not Looking yet’ which was led by Lee Ha Nnah, the consulting manager from Capita Global and Kelly Services. Ha Nnah sees the importance of students to not only focus on academic during university time but also prepare themselves to be equipped with different soft skills so they do not fall into the ‘unemployed’ category when they graduate. Being in the human resource field, Ha Nnah also shared what skills are important and how they can be more prepared before graduating.

Later in the final workshop, ‘Pathway to Achieve Your Value of Life’ which was presented by Mr. ML Lim, the youngest director in Vivahomes. He shared about the fundamental values would influence the career choices that a person make. He also talked about how different careers could fulfil the different needs and values. It is important to realise that the cause that we work for is extremely crucial as it requires a huge deal of investment in our lives that would not only affect ourselves but also the people who we care around us.

The event was indeed successful as the management has received a lot of positive feedbacks from the participants and the guest speakers.  It is hoped that programmes such as this could be carried out even more often in the future to help incubate the students to embrace the challenges that the real world has to offer. Certainly, KDU will remain as one of the institutes that pride themselves in producing quality graduates that excel both academically and professionally.