KDU Guest Lecture Talk

Commencement of Guest Lecture Talk: Professor Thankum Arun, University of Essex. Professor Thankum Arun sharing his insights and experience.
The Student and Alumni Center of KDU University College, Utropolis Glenmarie organised the first Guest Lecture of the year 2017 on 28 February, featuring guest lecturer, Professor Thankom Arun from the University of Essex, United Kingdom. Professor Arun shared his wealth of experience in the accounting and finance industry in this event, which was specially catered to Business students but saw participation from students across the different schools in KDU.

The talk kicked off with an introduction about Professor Arun and subsequently moved on to him sharing his knowledge and experiences in the industry with the students. He mentioned that his research have been a move away from arbitrary disciplinary constraints towards an interdisciplinary learning process to understand the uneven relationships in Finance, Accounting, and Development, particularly in developing and emerging country context. He shared his experience on selected case studies which he finds interesting. The talk wrapped up with a question and answer session as well as an introduction to the University of Essex, where he brought students on a digital campus tour of the UK university. Kelvin Tam Jun Xiong, a student from KDU’s School of Hospitality, Tourism and Culinary Arts mentioned, “It was indeed an eye-opener for me. The talk indeed exposed me to another different type of knowledge in this field.”