KDU Hatch Up Bizplan Toolkits Paving The Way For Entrepreneurship Ecosystem

Mr Ooi Wai Loon (standing at the left) focusing on ‘Visualising the Goals’.  Mr Brian Tan giving tips on ‘Starter Pack for My Business’. 
Group Photo with Mr Brian Ng who presented the topic of ‘What Legal Entity Are You’.  Group Photo to conclude Hatch Up Toolkits with Ms Phoon Mei Chi’s presentation. 
Paving the way for a sustainable entrepreneurship ecosystem, the Student & Alumni Centre (SAC) at KDU University College had launched the Hatch Up initiative to build the youth’s creativity, innovative and entrepreneurial skills in tandem with the nation’s 2020 vision.

The Hatch Up series is packaged to provide the resources for students’ journey to a self-made success, which begins from Toolkits to BootCamp and finally the BizPlan Grand Final competition where students stand a chance to win cash prizes up to RM10,000 and funding opportunities for their business idea.

As a catalyst for the KDU Hatch Up 2018 initiative, Hatch Up Toolkits were supplemented as the tools, knowledge and guides for the BizPlan Competition. The series was held over 4 days on the 13th, 14th and 20th March 2018 at the cosy Silent Room, situated in the KDU Accommodation and on the and 21st March 2018 at Lecture Theatre 6, KDU University College, Utropolis Glenmarie. The number of participants throughout the days averaged at 35 students over lunch hour and 150 students on the last day.

The toolkits on the first Tuesday was commenced by Mr Richard Gorman who is the co-founder of enterprises in the education, eyewear and jewellery line. He shared on his experiences and the steps in going about on ‘Ideation and Design Thinking’ and customised the material to individual groups who had their business ideas to explore. Mr Ooi Wai Loon continued with the second segment of the day on ‘Visualising the Goals’ in formulating an achievable long-term goal to sustain a business entity for the journey ahead. He used his life story in his Feng Shui business to engage the audience of 35 students.

On the second day of Hatch Up Toolkits series, Mr Brian Tan from the start-up FutureLab, equipped the students on the ‘Starter Pack for My Business’ and provided the essentials for students to create their visions. Mr Brian Ng from his start-up law firm also shared on the mechanics of ‘What Legal Entity Are You’ in setting up the students’ business as a new company. The students were exposed to the concepts of protecting themselves as an individual from the performances of their business.

The second week of Toolkits dug into the areas of ‘Knowing Your Target Market’ by Mr Dominic Teoh and ‘Branding and Social Media’ by Mr Prashan Chitty, also known as MelakaBoy. Ample Q&A sessions were provided to offer real-life examples into the techniques of gaining customer awareness and traction. Hatch Up Toolkits concluded on the next day with Ms Phoon Mei Chi’s intimate stories in her humble beginnings of setting up her dressmaking company, depicting in detail in ‘Turning Dreams Into Reality: An Entrepreneur Story’.

The aim of the Toolkits series helped supply the students with vital information on setting up their business proposal in tangent with the Hatch Up Bizplan competition under the KDU Youth Empowerment Plan Hatch Up pillar. Students who join for the business proposal video submission and qualify for the Top 10 winners will proceed to the next stage – Hatch Up BootCamp.

The BootCamp, which took place at KDU University College on the 28th and 29th April 2018, posed the opportunity for students to meet real industry players and have their proposals refined by mentors. Next up, the contestants will get the chance to be the Top 3 winners of the Grand Finals on the 23rd May 2018. Other initiatives setting out for 2018 under the KDU Youth Empowerment Plan are KDU Career Exploration, KDU Fitspiration, KDU Culturation and KDU Sustainability.