KDU Hatch Up: Empowering Students Through Entrepreneurship

Dr. Jenny Wong Sook Khuan shared a topic on EQ for an Entrepreneur. 
 The sharing session by Mabel Ewe from HostelHunting, with the topic: StartUp landscape in Malaysia. 
Group Photo with the speaker.  
It is important to emphasise and promote a broad understanding of entrepreneurship competence that reflects any contexts – in education and training, employment and the individual’s life in general. KDU Hatch Up toolkits workshop organised KDU Youth Empowerment Plan which consist under one of the five pillars of the KDU Hatch Up. Furthermore, students can also develop the ability of analysing various aspects of entrepreneurship – especially of taking over the risk, and the specificities as well as the pattern of entrepreneurship development and contributing to their entrepreneurial and managerial potentials.

KDU Hatch Up toolkits workshop has six different topics that are covered -- EQ of an Entrepreneur, Design Thinking, Social Enterprise in Malaysia, How to Sell Your Ideas, Marketing and Social Media and StartUp landscape in Malaysia. These six different sessions were held on three different days; 15th May 2019, 21st May 2019 and 29th May 2019 in KDU Accommodation Silent room, KDU University College Utropolis, Glenmarie Campus.

KDU Hatch Up is an initiative aims to facilitate graduates in learning to develop entrepreneurial skills, by supporting creativity, self-generated idea and efforts in building their own business or services. Other than that, it also aims to help KDU Students to put their idea into action, bring an attitudinal change and build their personal entrepreneurial skills. The purpose of the workshop is for students to acquire necessary knowledge and skills required for organizing and carrying out entrepreneurial activities, to develop the ability of analysing and understanding business situations and to master the knowledge necessary to plan entrepreneurial activities.

From this workshop, students alert on their design thinking can be applied in a wide range of contexts, from the personal to the entrepreneur start up. The reality is entrepreneurship isn’t just a way for you to be your own boss. It will improve you as a person because you’ll be learning new skills and growing in confidence. Five years from now you won’t be the same person, and it’s all down to entrepreneurship.