KDU Honours Straight A’s Students In Cambridge A Level Examination

From left Joel Ngam Jun Yung, Christal Winona Clyde
and Yap Ming Lee Kimberly rejoicing with their excellent
results in the CAIE A Level Examination 2017.
It was indeed a proud and gratifying moment for five KDU College students as they strike an outstanding achievement in the recent Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) A Level Examination held from October to November 2017. Joel Ngam Jun Yung, Yap Ming Lee Kimberly, Christal Winona Clyde, Hazel Yap Pik Yen and Tan Min Hui managed to top their class and pass the examination with flying colours which have made the institution extremely proud with its products. This prolific result is a testament to KDU’s commitment to produce highly competitive graduates who excel both academically and professionally as they are set ready to face the real world challenges.