KDU Hosted A Briefing Section For All The ‘Penolong Kanan Kokurikulum’

Round table discussion among the co-curriculum assistant principal to improve the quality of co-curriculum in school. The emcee addressing the quality of co-curriculum in school. 
Penolong Kanan Kokurikulum gathered in KDU Multipurpose Hall.
 KDU’s National Marketing Manager, Jess Lee and Senior Executive, Nor Munirah received a token of appreciation.
In accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Education (MOE), all Malaysian students are required to undertake the co-curricular activities. Programmes and initiatives to develop non-academic components are present both during formal class time as well as through a variety of after-school co-curricular activities. All these will foster individual talents and interests along with building leadership skills.

KDU University College being a main venue for the whole of Zon 1 , Petaling Utama and Petaling Perdana Co-curricular Assistant Principle  for their briefing on improving the education and co-curricular in school.  250 assistant principle came for the briefing and at the same time sharing knowledge and ideas.