KDU Hosted Common European Framework Of Reference (CEFR) Workshop

KDU’s National Marketing Senior Executive, Nor Munirah introduced KDU to the teachers.  National Marketing Manager, Jess Lee received a token of appreciation form Pejabat Pendidikan Daerah Petaling Perdana.
Group photo with all the teachers.
 From left : Pn Zati Haslinda, Penolong Pegawai Pendidikan Daerah Bahasa Inggeris, Nor Munirah , Senior Executive of National Marketing and Jess Lee , Manager of National Marketing.
The Education Ministry prepared the CEFR as a roadmap to continue to enhance English proficiency among teachers and students. The workshop serves as a guide for teachers and students to gauge foreign language proficiency and to ensure they achieve the proficiency levels aligned to international standards.

The English proficiency assessment was part of the Education Ministry initiative towards meeting the international CEFR standards among Malaysian students and teachers. The collaboration is to ensure that the standardisation and integration for all English language learning aspects, including curriculum, classroom learning and teaching process, assessment, and teachers training, are in line with the English Language Roadmap laid out by the English Language Quality and Standard Rating Council.

KDU a main sponsor venue for 150 English teachers under Petaling Perdana District undergo an English language workshop; the workshop was on teaching and learning process and comprising methodologies teaching strategies.