KDU Hosts Modern Journalism Symposium

Dr Simon Gwyn Roberts enthusiastically delivering his talk about Journalism in the Age of Social Media to KDU students. KDU students listening attentively to the talk by University of Chester representative during the journalism symposium.
A group photo session with participants of the journalism symposium - front row (left) KDU Head of School, School of Business & Social Sciences and School of Pre – University Studies, Dr Jenny Wong Sook Khuan, Dr Simon Gwyn Roberts and KDU Lecturer of School of Business & Social Sciences, Hong Ling Feon. 

In the vast and ever – developing new era of the internet, the approach for journalism has changed dramatically with the introduction of social media and other alternatives that have become the main source of news for the general public. This predominant issue was the main topic of discussion in the recent public talk entitled Journalism in the Age of Social Media by the Deputy Head of the Media Department of the University of Chester, Dr Simon Gwyn Roberts, hosted by KDU at its campus in Damansara Jaya on the 8 December 2017. The objective of this session is to expose KDU students with the latest trend and myriad of opportunities which journalism in the new age has to offer when they decide to pursue their studies in this particular field.

As the Senior Lecturer at the University of Chester for the Journalism programme, Dr Simon has played an instrumental role in the development of the curriculum, introducing numerous core modules on both practical and theoretical strands of the course; and expanding the core journalism offering to encompass a range of additional programmes. His current research interests include – the role of online media in the communication strategies of minority language groups, regionalism and the representation of place, the history of Welsh newspapers, and the relationship between the news media and political devolution.

KDU students were delighted to have given the opportunity to participate in this prolific sharing session which could expand their horizon even further in terms of their views, beliefs and perspective of defining the wide spectrum of modern journalism which is spiralling in the new generation’s lifestyle.

According to Dr Simon, “Because of the fact that journalism has been fatally wounded or rather challenged by social media the demand and need for the conventionally trained journalists have become more intense than it has ever been before.” He added, “Furthermore, the notion of truth has become the more appealing subject for readers and professional conventional training of journalism could meet the increasing demand in which will result in higher circulation of readers who seek nothing but the truth in their news.”

Ideally, the 3+0 or 2+1 twinning programme for journalism offered by KDU University College in collaboration with the University of Chester could meet the latest requirement of modern – journalism which is not only flexible to the newly developed trends worldwide but also opens up new opportunities for the students to acquire advanced knowledge in modern and conventional professional journalism studies.