KDU IFTAR: Jemput Makan!

KDU Student & Alumni Centre organised a wide-campus event; KDU IFTAR: Jemput Makan! to celebrate the month of Ramadhan and mainly to break-fast together in campus. 40 orphan children were invited from Cahaya Kasih Bestari Orphanage joined this wonderful event.

It was a lively cool evening to have them together with other invited guests. We had the opportunity by our main guest; Sheikh Hussain Yee & Imam Akhbar from Pertubuhan Al-Khadeem. Sheikh Hussain Yee shared on the goodness of Ramadhan month and how Muslims practice fasting during the month of Ramadhan. The tazkirah also joined by non-Muslims and therefore they also learned a few things on Ramadhan which they did not know before. The short Tazkirah session was held at Fresco@KDU.

The Maghrib Adzan was done by one of our international students, Omar. After the break fasting,they proceeded for Maghrib prayers at the surau. The main menu for the day was Satay, Nasi Lemak, Fried Chicken & Sausages, and some other local delicacies. The Maghrib prayers was led by Imam Akhbar.

KDU Student & Alumni Centre gave out duit raya for the children and they were delighted & thankful to receive them. Soon after they left, Imam Akhbar then led Isya’ and Tarawih prayer. Overall, guests and students enjoyed the event as they had their time to bond with each other over dinner and breaking fast together.