KDU Industry Visit to Astro Production

KDU students, from both its Utropolis Glenmarie and Damansara Jaya campuses, were recently given a behind-the-scene experience when they went for an industry visit to Astro, located at the Technology Park, Bukit Jalil. Although the visit was organised by the School of Computing and Creative Media, the visit saw participation from students of various schools who were interested to learn more about the production world.

Upon arrival, the group was introduced to Vallerie Yam, a Production Manager at Astro, who took the students on a tour around Astro. Vallerie explained that Astro more than welcomed students to visit them as the younger generation will benefit from the whole exposure to expand their world views.

On the tour, Vallerie also took the time to explain to the students what each of the departments’ functions and responsibilities are, as well as what each studio and recording rooms are for.

KDU’s ethos is about being a real world university with real world experience, and as such, industry visits like these are constantly organised to allow students to engage with and experience the real industry. Through this visit, students not only obtained knowledge and hands-on experience, but they also learnt the importance of communication skills, how broadcasting media works, how does a core production team organise television shows and how TV programming is done with a big crew.