KDU Internal Mooting Competition 2019

Group photo during KDU Mooting Workshop on 9th March 2019. Senior appellant arguing the case.
Winning team (Champion) of the competition. Best Mooter (Foo Kang Wen) of the competition.
KDU Internal Mooting Competition 2019 was held on March 13, 2019 at Moot Court, KDU College Damansara Jaya. Total of twenty-five (25) students participated in this event. The purpose of this event to enhance the advocacy, legal research and writing skills for the students.

There are two training workshops was conducted on 2nd March and 9th March 2019 to sharpen up the skills as mooters. The trainers are two practice lawyer who is Mr Henry Tan Hup Yiak and Mr Tung Tze Tzing. Both of them taught the participant on overall techniques and skills to prepare for the competition.

Eight groups took part in this competition. The competition separated into four round and each round one law school lecturer became the judge for the competition. Before the prizing ceremony, all the judges gave feedback on student performance. The winning team for the competition; Ang Boon Kiat, Foo Kang Wen, Nigel Thabo Moyo and Arnold Junior Langton Musonza. The best mooter of the competition was Foo Kang Wen.