KDU International Students Orientation Embraces Diversity

Group photo of international students with guest speakers (Mr. Ramlan bin Abdul Aziz and Mr. Rohayudin bin Abdul Rashid) from Education Malaysia Global Services (EMGS). International students were giggling at the struggles shared by Kundal (representative of the international student) during Malaysia As We See It session.
Mr. Rohayudin from Education Malaysia Global Services delivering useful insights in maintaining legal status in Malaysia as international students. International students were engrossed at the sharing session by Mariama (right; a representative of the international student) during Malaysia As We See It session
Marking a memorable Monday on 22 January 2018 was the inaugural International Student Orientation. Held in the cosy space of Silent Room in KDU UC Utropolis Glenmarie, the event was part of Student & Alumni Centre’s (SAC) continuous effort in reaching out to international students and making them feel home in Malaysia. Despite making its debut, an engaging number of 37 students turned up for the event. Diverse representatives of countries across the globe such as students from countries like Russia, Maldives, and Iran to Rwanda made it exclusively premier for the occasion to celebrate those who have become a part of KDU’s family tree.
The event took off as Mr. Mitchell Liong, senior manager of SAC greeted the crowd with a welcoming speech on the services, facilities and perks offered by the Student & Alumni Centre. Moving on to a more casual segment was an introduction to KDU International Student Ambassador (KISA) Student by Miss Grace Chan, a counsellor from SAC. Spearheaded under KDU Volunteer Initiative Project (V.I.P), KISA strives to ease the transition for international students by improving their understanding of the cultural differences and better adaptation to the Malaysian culture. Under KISA, students were acquainted with a range of events (from International Coffee Hours to Multicultural Film Festival) that are crafted to assist international students in accomplishing not just success in their educational endeavours but also highlight on the contribution of their varied and unique cultural perspectives. All in all, international students were encouraged to broaden KDU community’s cultural and global awareness.
To beat the Monday blues, Kundal Dutt a student of Bachelor of Information Systems in Enterprise System and Mariama Bah a student of American Degree Transfer Programme in Engineering from the Student Council lead the crowd with an ice-breaking session. The crowd was immersed in the multicultural game of sharing interesting facts about their country of origin. From greeting hello in different languages to revealing stories behind their name. The session indeed warmed up and gelled the participants together. Moving on, Miss Pei Xuan, a counsellor from SAC took the stage and shed some heart-to-heart insights on ways to conquer homesickness and overcome the challenges of changes. Upholding students’ psychological well-being, Miss Pei Xuan on behalf of KDU’s Career and Counselling Unit also hopped on the opportunity to promote the significance and availability of counselling services in KDU.
Before lunch, two international student representatives disclosed their fair share of experiences as an international student in Malaysia. Both hailing from India and Gambia respectively, as the crowd giggled throughout the segment as they could relate to the struggles of being a foreigner in Malaysia. Students were subsequently showered with more useful information as Mr. Ramlan bin Abdul Aziz, Senior Manager of International Student Management Services from Education Malaysia Global Services delivered a talk on how international students can maintain their legal status in Malaysia. The crowd listened attentively as they were informed with the legality of working part-time as an international student and ways to maintain their visa. After another round of ice-breaking activity and introduction to KISA Friendship Programme, the crowd was privileged to have Mr. Mohamad Zaki, Academic Department Head to run through 20 things they should know about Malaysia. From sharing the joy of public holidays to reminding them the severe punishments of drug abuse and possession, students indeed took home useful and interesting insights as international students in Malaysia. Following a brief Q&A session, the event wrapped up with a photo session.