KDU Internship Fair 2016 Well Supported By Industries In Grooming Up Graduating Students

Mr. Joshua Yee and his team talk on design thinking. Representatives from Leaderonomics and Alliance Bank with KDU students.
Industry players meeting up students at their booths set in the campus.  
In providing an avenue for graduating students to meet and interact with the industry players, as well as stand a chance of being offered an opportunity for fulfilling their internship, the Student & Alumni Centre (SAC), KDU University College organised the KDU Internship Fair 2016, on 8 November, at its campus in Utropolis Glenmarie.
In collaboration with Mistermind International, the organiser brought in over 40 companies and employers, with names such as UEM, Aladdin Group, Viva Homes and WOB. Generally, the industry players were looking forward to speak with the students, with some even ready to take on applicants and conduct interviews on the spot.
The fair featured three industry talks by different organisations. It started off with the Grant Awards Presentation and Industry Talk by Canon Malaysia. The speaker Ms. Julia Cheah, Director of Human Resources Division of Canon Marketing Malaysia, encouraged students to aim for realistic goals upon completion of their studies. She inspired students to know and understand the industry, in which she also provided opportunities for KDU University students be a part of Canon Malaysia.
The following talk was by Mr. Brian Tan, the CEO and Co-Founder of FutureLab. Being a young entrepreneur himself with a bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry, Tan soon found himself in a fray to find what he was most passionate about as well as pursuing a career in it. He encouraged KDU students to take the initiative to find out what they are really passionate in and establish realistic goals upon graduation. Tan offered KDU students opportunities in finding mentors and partnerships with FutureLab.
The third talk was a workshop conducted by Leaderonomics, an industry player with aims to stimulate design-thinking among students. Mr. Joshua Yee, Senior Project Analyst from the said company was the main speaker. Being an enthusiastic young man, he had given lots of insight to the audience, through interactions between the students and his team.
During the activities, the students were asked to pair up with a partner, and think out-of-the-box in designing a wallet specially meant for their partner according to his or her real needs. Laugher and giggles filled the air, as some students came up with outstanding designs that impressed the audience.
Further on, Alliance Bank and their speaker Ms. Stephanie Mak Choon Yee, Vice President of SME Product Development, explained details on SME Loans, as well as telling the audience what they had achieved and accomplished along the way.
The event was very much practical and related to the concerns of KDU’s students. Choo Wen Bin, a student currently pursuing his Diploma in Mass Communication, shared, “It’s good to have an internship fair for us in KDU, as we get a chance to know different companies and career opportunities. I hope there will be more companies related to the communication industry being showcased in the future. But overall, it is a very good experience for KDU students.”
Tan Kok Yau, student of Bachelor of Business programme commented, “It is very informative avenue for students who are going to have their internship soon. We can see what companies there are out there and understand what they are looking for.”
As a tertiary education institution advocating the “Hit the ground running” ethos and preparing students for the real world, KDU University College with this Internship Fair 2016 had indeed created an impact on KDU students in preparing for their future.