KDU Krakens Stakes Top Three Finisher In Esports Tournament

From most left Bernard Ling Kuan Hui, Tan Gee Hong, Thong Meng Siong, Gavyn Lim Chin Yhong and Kek Jia Cheng. 

It was an awe-inspiring moment for KDU’s home-grown team, the KDU Krakens as they clinched the title as the 1st Runner Up in the recent eSports event, the FutureLab’s Dota 2 Tournament: Corporate versus Universities held on 11 November 2017, at the 5 star eSports Arena in Malaysia, The Pantheon.

Having pride themselves as the centre for all-inclusive syllabus that produces computing wizards and games maestros, KDU School of Computing and Creative Media (SCCM) is proud to have sent the KDU Kraken to participate in this grand event to compete with some of the finest eSports team across Malaysia which not only include their peers from other institutions, but also the corporate real industry players. The KDU Kraken comprises of Thong Meng Siong (Team Captain) from SCCM, Tan Gee Hong from SCCM, Bernard Ling Kuan Hui from SCCM, Kek Jia Cheng from KDU’s School of Business and Gavyn Lim Chin Yhong from KDU’s School of Communication & Creative Arts. Together, they fought their way to qualify in the finals stage where they competed against Sunway eSports (SESC).

The FutureLab’s Dota 2 Tournament is an inaugural eSports competition between corporate versus universities where these two group of communities clash in the multiplayer online battle arena video game developed and published by Valve Corporation, Dota 2. The objective of this premier event is to bridge the gap between universities and corporate industries by creating a mutual ground where everyone could enjoy and establish robust relationship which could benefit them in the future.

The tournament was participated by corporate players consist of teams from AirAsia, Ernst & Young Advisory Services, eGG Network and Petronas. Meanwhile, the participants from universities consist of teams from KDU University College, Taylor’s University, Sunway University and University Malaysia of Computer Science & Engineering. KDU’s Game Development Team was also present to showcase students’ works on the development front which could entice corporate industries to partake in the growing eSports scene in Malaysia.

According to Thong Meng Siong, the team captain of KDU Krakens “We are exceedingly happy and grateful for the results that we have secured in this competition, as we have strived extremely hard in the preparation for this competition.” He added, “Hopefully we can prepare for more events by building and maintaining the team chemistry. Thanks for believing in us, as we hope we can improve and stay together as a team. Shoutout to SEA Inhouse League (SIL) for providing a platform for us to practice.” The accomplishment brought by KDU Krakens has indeed shed some light of fame to KDU as a world-class institute and it is hoped that the eSports scene will continue to grow rapidly in the Malaysian scene.