KDU Launched Digital Technology Initiative With qBayar

Deputy Education Minister YB Teo Nie Ching delivering her opening remarks prior to officiating KDU Digital Technology Initiative and KDU Digital Technology Engagement Series Forum.
 L-R : Deputy Education Minister YB Teo Nie Ching, KDU Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr Hiew Pang Leang and qBayar Sdn Bhd Chief Executive Officer Syed Hassan Syed Alwi Alhabshee putting their signature on officiating board to mark the official launch of KDU Digital Technology Initiative (KDU Open-Source Repository).
KDU Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr Hiew Pang Leang (left) handing over to YB Teo Nie Ching, Malaysia Deputy Education Minister, KDU’s donations for the Tabung Harapan Malaysia. It’s a wrapped, a successful KDU Digital Technology Initiative and KDU Digital Technology Engagement Series Forum.
Rapidly changing technology continues to make its mark on 2018 learning. Every urban student in Malaysia owns a portable handheld computer that is used for entertainment, communication and being updated on the latest in news and trends. Technology seems to be evolving and progressing faster now than it has ever been in the past few decades.
In line with these rapid changes and to address the need to keep up with how the younger generation is increasingly embracing technology in all aspects of their lives, KDU’s School of Computing & Creative Media (SCCM) collaborated with qBayar Sdn Bhd (qBayar) to create a Digital Technology Initiative.
The objective of this initiative, launched by Deputy Education Minister YB Teo Nie Ching, is to create applications, solutions and creative ideas via the utilization of digital technology in classrooms starting with an open-source repository project site, something that is the first in Malaysia led by an academic institution and supported by industry leaders.
As a starter for this initiative, KDU Computing students and qBayar have developed a QR Code Attendance Taking System (QATS). This attendance taking system which uses QR code, is just one of the many technology-centric projects under the KDU Digital Technology Initiative.
“Through this system, teachers and lecturers will no longer need to spend their valuable lesson time to manually take students’ attendance. They just need to flash a QR code onto the projector and attendance will be automatically taken and uploaded into the Student Management System when students scan the code via their smart phone.
“However, the exciting thing is to see what else can this initiative through University students and the open-source repository can come up with.  Our talented and creative university students may very come up with some remarkable and highly innovative technology that may revolutionize the Malaysian education landscape within the next few years,” YB Teo Nie Ching said in her opening remarks.
Commenting further on the initiative, YB Teo Nie Ching said that through this open-source project site, the ministry hopes to shape future generations of leaders and thinkers to break down silos; and adopt a sharing mentality. Instead of competing with one another, Malaysians can share and compete internationally.
Also present at the launch were Paramount Corporation Bhd Chairman and Executive Director, Dato’ Teo Chiang Quan, KDU University College Vice Chancellor, Prof Dr Hiew Pang Leang, and qBayar Sdn Bhd Chief Executive Officer, Syed Hassan Syed Alwi Alhabshee.
In his opening remarks, Prof Dr Hiew Pang Leang pointed out that QATS is the pilot project for the KDU Digital Technology Initiative with qBayar Sdn Bhd, which is one of KDU’s main industry partners.
“There would be many other projects to be implemented under the initiative, among them includes an e-wallet system that will greatly encourage the creation of a cashless campus environment,” said Prof Dr Hiew Pang Leang.
He also highlighted that the collaboration with qBayar allows KDU to leverage on students’ creativity, industry leadership and provide a conducive environment to incubate more open-source projects that will lead the transformation to a fully digital cashless campus.
Prior to the launch, a digital technology engagement series forum on “Education and Media in the Age of Digital Technology” was held with YB Teo Nie Ching delivering the keynote speech alongside two other presenters of the day, Syed Hassan Syed Alwi Alhabshee (CEO of Qbayar) and Premesh Chandran (CEO and co-founder of Malaysiakini).
YB Teo shared the Education Ministry’s vision to transform Malaysia’s education system into a more technology-centric as it would help to produce students and graduates who are ready to face both contemporary and future job challenges. Thus, the ministry, according to YB Teo, is looking forward to introduce digital books and digital-based assignments in national schools in the near future.