KDU Law Awareness Day (2018)

Ms. Gwen Lee from Amnesty International Malaysia delivering her talk. Ms Gwen Lee (second from right) posing with Ms Evon (most left), Ms. Meerah and Mathew.
The crowd at the Law Awareness Day. KDU Law Society Committee members with the guests from Amnesty International Malaysia.
In commemorating the establishment of the smart-partnership between KDU and Inns of Court Malaysia, the institute has celebrated the Law Awareness Day, on the 28 February 2018, held in the Black box of KDU Damansara Jaya campus. The theme of the event revolves around the right to live and uphold the fundamental human rights. The event was led by Stacey Rukudzo Watungwa, the Vice President of the KDU Law Society, who did a wonderful job of emceeing the event. The first part of the event was a talk by the guest speaker conducted by Ms. Gwen Lee, Interim Executive Director from Amnesty International Malaysia about the death penalty and how it infringes upon the basic human right to life.

The talk was followed by a lengthy Q and A session from many interested students. The crowd also signed petitions to help death row prisoners, particularly in solidarity of releasing Hoo Yew Wah from his death sentence by seeking clemency from Sultan of Johor. Goodie bags were also given away to the students. The speaker was also given several tokens of appreciation by Mathew Brian Millip, President of the KDU Law Society; Ms. Meerah Deiwi, KDU Law Society advisor; and Ms. Evon Lim Ee Teng, Head of KDU Law School.

After a lunch break, the event resumed with a movie screening of the film “The Shawshank Redemption”, a story about the trials a man faced while in prison after being held guilty of murder. The crowd remained strong in numbers despite its runtime of two hours and 15 minutes.

The event had other attractions such as a petition board for the Amnesty International Malaysia campaign to save death row inmates, a photo booth that students can use for social media, as well as food for sale. The event was a success, as many students came and had a good reception towards the event. Some students even had to stand as there were not enough chairs to go around. Amnesty International Malaysia has also stated its interest in doing another talk next year. In closing, the Law Awareness Day was a great success for the KDU Law Society, and the same outcome, if not better, is the target for next year’s event.