KDU Law Awareness Day 2019

Ms.Melody conveyed talk on Child Law. Ms.Melody explained in details about the group activity.
Staff and students participated in games, surveys and quiz at the booth. Students had discussion on case study.
Law Awareness Day is an annual event held each year by the KDU Law Society. This year the event was held on 19th March 2019.The objective of this event to create awareness about child law in Malaysia, USA and UK.

The first activity that took place during the event was the Legal talk on Child Rights by Ms.Melody, a Senior Associate from Messrs. Raja, Darryl & Loh. Overall, thirty over students joined the talk. Group activity and case study been discussed during the talk to increase understanding of students towards the topic.

Besides child rights, the presenter also shared information on child abuse and methods to handle child law cases. Henceforward, they had the exhibition which portrayed information about child abuse, protection of child rights and juvenile delinquency in Malaysia, USA and UK. A blackboard consisting of all necessary information regarding child law was prepared and decorated for students’ observation. There are three exhibition booths which consist each booth for games, survey and quiz for students to explore and learn.