KDU Open Doors To Further Studies In USA

Grace Chan (standing right; counsellor from SAC) introducing Tim Carnley (standing left; Partnership Director from IUA) to the students. Tim Carnley (Partnership Director from IUA) kickstarting the session through a fun introduction about the IUA to students.
Students posing for a group photo with Tim Carnley (Partnership Director from IUA) at the end of session.  
Living the American dreams as they say it is the ultimate goal for almost anyone who has a degree of sanity in this challenging world. This phrase is coined based on the limitless opportunities that the country has to offer where it is synonymous with hope. In this case it is a matter of pursuing a higher education qualification with some of the most prestigious universities in the world. It is well-known that the USA has one of the world’s largest international students with more than 1,000,000 students opting to broaden their education to excel in the field of studies that interest them the most and step up their life experience.
With the reign of Trump administration, it is not surprising for students to be sprinkled with doubts on the possibility of studying abroad in the United States of America (USA). Thanks to Tim Carnley’s informative session on 8th of March at KDU College, Damansara Jaya, students were given the opportunity to explore the prospect of furthering their tertiary education in USA. Hailing from International University Alliance (IUA), a group of nationally recognised top-tier USA universities that strive to provide access to higher education for international students took this wonderful opportunity to share with a group of 30 KDU students about the procedures to get the ticket to study abroad effectively. The talk took place in the Blackbox located in the campus area.
One of the invited guest, Tim kicked off the session with a thorough introduction on what IUA is all about; from their mission, who they are, what they do, programmes activities to the available undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. Perhaps the most captivating piece of information that students bagged home was the highlight of IUA partnership with KDU University College. As such, it essentially means the sealed deal will benefit KDU’s students with hassle-free and step-by-step guidance into enrolling with the top ten tier universities that are in collaboration with IUA. These include University of Adelphi, American University, Auburn University, Florida International University, Louisiana State University, The University of Central Florida, The University of Illinois at Chicago, The University of Kansas, The University of South Carolina and The University of The Pacific.