KDU Participate In The Worldwide Earth Hour 2018

Candles in the shape of “60”, in representing the 60 minutes of no electricity. Students & Guests lighting the 60 shape with candle light. 
2 of the 5 food trucks that present at the campus. KDU campus at Damansara Jaya in completely darkness as the lights switched off at 8.30p.m. in supporting the Earth Hour. 
In calling attention to prioritise our planet’ biodiversity and nature, the global community celebrate Earth Hour, a worldwide movement organised by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), on the last Saturday in the month of March every year.

KDU participated in Earth Hour 2018, which was on the 24th of March, to show its efforts in saving energy. In collaboration with KDU Homecoming, the event was held in KDU Damansara Jaya campus from 8.30p.m. to 9.30p.m.

This annual event was opened to public, especially to the residents that live in the nearby community. In total, there were over 200 people that celebrated this occasion with KDU, comprised of KDU students, KDU Clubs & Societies leaders, students from Sri KDU International School, exchange students from Japan and Korea, residents of Damansara Jaya community and many others.

Registration for Homecoming event began at 6p.m. and had several activities lined up after. When the clock struck 8.30p.m., all of the lights surrounding the campus were switched off and candles were lit instead to provide the lighting.

The opening act of performances was a dance flash mob, performed by KDU students from the school of pre-university which took 10 minutes. The next performance was a tap dance set by Zachary Ooi Zhanxiang who is currently pursuing his diploma in International Hotel Management. Following by that was an instrumental showcase by Siti Iminina Binti Mohamad Adnan who performed 3 beautiful songs for everyone.

Next up was our emcee for the night, Matthew Brian Millip who sang his rendition of Kenangan Terindah, followed by two duets, Blank Space and All Falls Down, performed by two members from the PARTS club Chong Hui Lan and Wong Canie. The performances for the night were wrapped up by Lim Shaun Ming and Kelvin Loh Teck Hong, who blew away the crowd with their specially prepared magic show.

To further show KDU support for Earth Hour and what it stands for, the iconic “60” symbol which represents the 60 minutes of no electricity use was shaped from candles which were all individually lit by participating guests. There were also 5 food trucks present at the scene and provided food for the people there.

After the hour passed, the candles were then extinguished and the lights turned back on. KDU students and staff were then bid farewell to all their guests and called it a night.