KDU Pioneers Bachelor Of Law 2 + 1 Twinning Programme With Oxford Brookes University In Malaysia

From left, Mr Sheikh Fahmy bin Sheikh Mohamed the Chief Marketing Officer of KDU University College; Prof Dr Hiew Pang Leang the Vice Chancellor; Dr Chieh Huang; Dr Shirley Shipman; Assoc Prof Dr Hon Wei Min the Deputy Vice Chancellor; and Ms Evon Lim the Head of School of KDU Law. All smiles and grins as Dr Shipman and Dr Huang share their students’ experience learning at the Oxford Brookes University. 
Students listening attentitively to the talk delivered by the two represntatives from the Oxford Brookes University. Group photo session together with the students and guest speakers of the event. 
Bringing world-class education closer to fellow Malaysians for better accessibility has ever been one of the prime objectives for KDU College as they form yet another partnership with one of the most prestigious universities in the world, the Oxford Brookes University (OBU) to bring together high-quality teaching with courses designed to meet the real world standards, great employer links, and a first-class career service. Marking this historical moment, KDU College Damansara Jaya has hosted an inaugural ceremony at its campus to celebrate the re-opening of the Bachelor of Laws 2+1 Twinning Programme with the Oxford Brookes University, UK on the 01st  March 2018. The twinning programme is the first of its kind and only made available at KDU College Damansara Jaya here in Malaysia.

The main objective of this ceremony is to officiate and celebrate the 12th years of the long-formed partnership between KDU and Oxford Brookes University which highlights the introduction of the Bachelor of Laws 2+1 Twinning Programme. Two senior representatives of the School of Law in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences from the Oxford Brookes University were present to shed some lights about the uniqueness of the twinning programme with KDU students namely Dr Chieh Huang, Senior Lecturer and Dr Shirley Shipman, Principal Lecturer (Student Experience) and Programme Lead (Law). Also present to grace the launching ceremony were the top management of KDU University College; Prof Dr Hiew Pang Leang, Vice Chancellor; Assoc Prof Dr Hon Wei Min, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic); and Sheikh Fahmy bin Sheikh Mohamed, Chief Marketing Officer.

According to Dr Huang, “One of the unique elements of this programme is the support mechanism that is provided by the institution in order to ease the transition process of students from KDU into OBU.” She added,”  Both KDU and OBU offer lots of specialised supports throughout the campus such as seminar tutors or lecturers allocating office hours for students to consult them personally, including psychological support related to the teaching and learning process of the students.” This will enable students to attain seamless learning experience without the hassle of adapting to the new environment abroad.

Dr Shirley seconded Dr Huang’s view by stating, “In OBU, we have set up a peer mentoring programme to help students to overcome the challenge of culture shock and focus more on getting the credible degree with us at OBU and to get to know OBU, computer systems, understand the library system, to find out the nicest places to eat, show some of the English culture and so on.” It is essential to highlight that decision to choose OBU is not only about getting a qualification from a reputable international university but also because of the robust support system that the institution has to offer to its newly enrolled students.

Certainly, getting the best qualification of Bachelor of Law degree from KDU College in collaboration with the Oxford Brookes University would mean combining the best of both worlds; whereby this programme is recognised by the Solicitors Regulation Authority and the Bar Standards Board would mean that students who graduated from the programme will be eligible to proceed to the Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC) or the Legal Practice Course (LPC) in the UK. Furthermore, students of this programme are also exposed to various opportunities; for example the pro bono legal services that leverage on the skills of legal professionals to help those who are unable to afford lawyers and often denied access to justice due to lack of income.

Upon completion of the 2+1 twinning programme, students will be awarded an LLB from Oxford Brookes University. This programme is uniquely designed to provide the foundation for all of the core subjects you require to be a professional practicing lawyer along with the opportunity to improve your language skills whilst you live and study in Oxford.