KDU Sends Off Students To Europe Participating In Red Bull Can You Make It 2018 Challenge

In extremely proud and excited sentiment, KDU University College today (5th April 2018) sending off its students to Continental Europe in order to participate in ‘Red Bull Can You Make It 2018 Challenge’.

The challenge will take place from the 10th to 17th April with over 200 participants from 65 countries starting their 1000km journey from either one of 5 cities in Europe, namely Budapest in Hungary, Madrid in Spain, Manchester in Britain, Rome in Italy and Stockholm in Sweden. Without using the money, credit cards or phones, participants will need to use the canned drink of the brand as bartering goods in lobbying for food, accommodation and transport throughout their missions heading to the finishing line at Amsterdam, Netherland. The grand prize winners will win a one-year-holiday package to their favourite destinations.

At the sending off ceremony which taken place at the main entrance of KDU Utropolis Glenmarie campus, Mr Sheikh Fahmy bin Sheikh Mohamed (2nd from left), the Chief Marketing Officer; and Ms Eliza Mukherjee (left), the Manager of Marketing and Corporate Communications, handed over necessities such as winter clothing and sleeping bags to Team KAT - which stands for Knowledge, Attitude and Team Work.

The trio in Team KAT is Aiman Ansari bin Mohd Hamizan (from left), a Bachelor of Business (Hons) in marketing students; Batrisyia binti Haji Ismail, a Bachelor of Business (Hons) with law student, and their friend Syed Abdul Kabir in Syed Ahmad, an aircraft engineering student from  APR Training Centre.

Being the sole representing-team from Malaysia, Team KAT is hoping to fame the name of our country by beating the rest of the competing teams from the world and win a prize in this challenge. KDU wishing All the Best to Team KAT in achieving your goal!