KDU Student Devote To Sustainbility by Taking Part In Go Green Photography Competition

Grand Prize goes to Chow Heawie, a Bachelor of Communication student, receiving his prize from Mr Mitchell Liong Chee Chiun, Senior Manager of SAC.  Third Prize winner Tan Mei Xin, a Diploma in Mass Communication student, receiving her prize from the organiser. 
In our ecological system, sustainability is the capacity to endure; it is how our biological system remain diverse and productive indefinitely. With the objectives of creating awareness and educating students on the importance of sustainability, KDU’s Student and Alumni Centre (SAC) recently organised the ‘Go Green Photography Competition’ in conjunction with KDU Sustainability Day.

“We organised this activity to encourage students to embrace the Go-Green concept into their daily lives,” said Mr Mitchell Liong Chee Chiun, Senior Manager of SAC.
The competition was opened to all KDU students, and quickly caught on the interests of photography enthusiast, who sent their masterpiece and flooded the organiser’s mailbox within the time frame spanned from January to May 2016.

“From the works they sent in, you can see each and every participants conveying his or her perception on sustainability in the most creative way, as ‘Going Green’ brings different meaning to everyone,” explained Liong, and continued, “In the meantime, participants also uploaded their pictures on Instagram by including the hashtag ‘#kdusustainability2016’ via KDU email.”

After numerous filtering sessions in selecting the best of the lot, the list was narrowed down to 20 best photographs and displayed them at the atrium of KDU University College, Utropolis Glenmarie campus.

With the showcase displayed at the buzzing atrium for two days, KDU students, academics as well as staff joined in the fun by voting for their favourite photograph. The display was not only a showcase of the students’ works, but was indirectly also a showcase of ‘Going Green’ as the photographs strongly conveyed the message behind the theme.

Based on the highest votes gathered, the most popular scene-capturers were: First Prize – Chow Heawie (Bachelor of Communication) who won an iPad Mini 4 and SAC Merchandises; Second Prize – Kalithashinee A/P Sivabalan (Cambridge A Levels), with her prize of KDU Adidas Merchandise and SAC Merchandises; Third Prize winner Tan Mei Xin (Diploma in Mass Communication), who walked away with KDU Adidas Merchandise and SAC Merchandises.

Sharing their thoughts upon winning the prizes, Chow Heawie said, “I’ve always loved nature and outdoor activities, hence, I decided to this photography competition a try. As this is my first time participating in a photography contest, I never expected my picture will be selected as top 20, much less winning the competition. As such, I am indeed honoured and very happy that I have been chosen as the grand prize winner. Thank you very much to the organiser.”

And Tan Mei Xin enthused, “I’ve always loved photography, hence I decided to participate in the ‘Going Green’ photography competition. As I browsed through the winning images, I am greatly inspired by their creativity. All the more honoured to be amongst them!”