KDU Students Clinched Top In The World Prizes In The Outstanding Cambridge Learners Award 2016

Wong Sook Wei receiving Top In the World - History Award from Puan Hajah Johara Abdul Wahab, Deputy Director of Examination Syndicates. Hooi Wei Cheng (centre) with friends at Niagara Fall Canada.
Wong Sook Wei share her joy with parents Mr and Mrs Wong Tuck Seng.  
It was an awe-inspiring day for two KDU College Cambridge International Examination, GCE A Levels students as they received the prestigious Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards, Malaysia, namely Hooi Wei Cheng for Mathematics - Top in the World and Wong Sook Wei for History – Top in the World, at the presentation ceremony recently held at the Armada Hotel on 17 November 2016.

The Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards, convened by the Cambridge International Examinations, acknowledges the best Cambridge learners in Malaysia and around the world who did extraordinarily well in the Cambridge examinations. The results achieved in the June 2016 examinations series by the two KDU Cambridge International A Levels students were compared against more than one million students in more than 10, 000 schools in countries around the globe, including United Kingdom, United States, China, India, and Singapore, as well as throughout Europe, South America, and Middle East.

According to the Head of KDU’s School of Pre-University Studies, Ms Sathyavathy Rasanayagam, “We share the same joyful moments and felt extremely proud of the achievements attained by our students in winning these awards.” She strongly believes that this achievement should be a solid testament to prove that the Cambridge International A Levels programme, offered at KDU College, is indeed on par with the global standards of other well-established institutions across the world. After all, the syllabus is designed based on the esteemed University of Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) programmes.

For Hooi Wei Cheng, this award comes as a very satisfying accomplishment as it is her second consecutive time to have received such an astounding award following her Cambridge AS Level examination result in May/June 2015. Hooi said, “My achievements have proven that everyone is eligible to be the best if they persevere through challenging times. KDU’s experienced lecturers and the overwhelming support from my parents made me feel more confident in the exams.” However, it was very unfortunate that Hooi could not attend the award presentation ceremony as she is currently pursuing her studies in Chemical Engineering at the University of Toronto, Canada.

Recipient Wong Sook Wei considered the award as a very pleasant surprise as she completely did not expect it and considered it as a representation of the culmination of all her hard work which proves that diligence, sheer hard work, and perseverance does pay off, no matter how many setbacks and difficulties a person may encounter in life. Wong also shared her tips on achieving the Top in the World in History accolade, “You don’t have to read everything in the library, but you must have a thorough understanding of what you have read.” She added, “In order to prepare for the exams, I channelled my efforts into trawling through the past-year questions and examiners’ reports, as well as sample answers from past candidates. I found answering questions in point form and synthesising knowledge gained from reading more productive than actually writing out endless essays in full because this allowed me to cover more topics and practise articulating my points in a succinct manner.”

On top of that, Wong also complimented KDU College in ensuring her preparations process run smoothly. “KDU has been extremely helpful by providing me with excellent lecturers with plenty of experience in their respective fields. My two history lecturers, Ms Sathyavathy Rasanayagam and Mr Thiruchelvam Thirunavukarasu, helped with their different approaches; Ms Sathya gave my exam preparations a direction that only an experienced lecturer could, while Mr Thiru’s insistence on writing countless timed essays in order to have my knowledge at my fingertips gave me the practice needed to excel under pressurising exam conditions.” Her experience in making the necessary preparations for the exams have become one of her precious and memorable experience here as a KDU Student.

The CIE A Levels programme offered at KDU’s iconic Damansara Jaya campus, is based on the prestigious University of Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) syllabus. It is internationally recognised for entrance into undergraduate degree courses such as medicine, law, engineering and more. The programme provides a solid foundation of fundamental knowledge, and assessments are based on one’s mastery of subjects and one’s ability to apply them in real-world scenarios. Students will be equipped with essential cognitive and critical thinking skills which are necessary to pursue and excel in any degree programme.