KDU Students Conduct Corporate Social Responsibility Through Arts And Creativity

KDU students delivering their puppet show for the participants of the ‘Puppetry Workshop and Performance.’ Children taking a closer look at the puppets used for the puppet show by KDU students.
A group photo session with some of the performers and participants of the event.  
Bridging the gap between those who are underprivileged and the mainstream society has always been the objective for the corporate social responsibility class here at KDU University College whereby students and lecturers join hands to undertake a special programme that could lend a helping hand to those who are really in need. On 9 December 2017 a group of KDU diploma students from the School of Communication and Creative Arts (SCCA) and lecturers from the Creative Arts department have carried out a CSR initiative by organising a ‘Puppetry Workshop and Performance’ for 62 underprivileged children from the Chow Kit (PERTIWI) at the Utropolis Marketplace. The main objective of this event is to share the Christmas spirit among all races and spread the Christmas cheer to the children.

The special project involved hands-on activity that taught the children how to make sock puppets and then perform in groups in front of the audience at the marketplace. The participants were taught on the techniques to manipulate the puppets before the actual performance which could be an added soft skills for the children. Special sessions on movement, dialogue delivery, voice modulation were also organised for the participants to enhance their communication and delivery skills. The whole idea of having a puppet show during the Christmas season is to prepare a creative platform for the children as well as KDU students and staffs to express joy which could help a diverse group of people to celebrate and share each other’s special occasion, thus promote diversity and tolerance.

The event kick-started with an amazing puppet performance by KDU students which uplifted the spirit of the participants and atmosphere. The children were thrilled and filled with happiness as they could not stop themselves from taking a closer look at the puppets used by KDU students to perform their puppet show entitled ‘The Shoe Maker and the Elves.’

Following the performance was a workshop for making the puppets where demonstrations were conducted by KDU students to show the children on how to make simple homemade puppets. The participants took this opportunity to unleash their creativity and showcase their talents to make the most unique and ornamented looking puppets for their live performance.

According to Loo Chong Hang, Acting Head of School of Communication and Creative Arts (SCCA) of KDU University College, “We really want to bring joy and happiness to the children. Basically, the whole exercise is also for our students to learn on how to actually share with other people about what they have acquired in the classroom and provide a platform for the underprivileged children to express their creativity through storytelling.”

The children were later taken for a scrumptious lunch at the Texas Chicken located in the Utropolis Marketplace which was fully sponsored by the Texas Chicken. Delighted with the meal, children were seen enjoying the food very much as they take a break from rigorous training sessions with KDU students for their puppet show.

Right after the break, the event resumed with colourful and exciting performances by the children at the puppet booths witnessed by the audience who came to support the noble cause at the marketplace. It was indeed a wonderful sight for everyone to see cheerful and smiling faces of the participants as they leave the venue. But more importantly, this special occasion is hoped to create a memorable experience for both the participants and KDU students who directly or indirectly involved in making the event a successful one.