KDU Students Conduct Industry Visit To BFM “Monsta Xperience”

Q&A Sharing session after a short briefing about BFM Students excited enter the BFM on-air studio
BFM office tour Group photo before end of the day
With the clear direction to create pathways for KDU students to gradually transform and architect their passion into a life-long career, they were invited to visit BFM Radio on 24 June, under an initiative named MONSTA XPERIENCE, created by Monsta Asia, a platform to connect people and culture through internship experience.

There were 10 students from several courses participated in this visit, included young learners who have their majors in Mass Communication and Hospitality.

The brief but compact two hours visit to BFM, one of the independent radio stations in Malaysia, left the 10 participating KDU students in awe, and inspired them to carve their future career or internship.
During the sharing session, BFM staff greeted the KDU team, and welcomed all its graduates and students to join BFM as interns. In fact, they welcome graduates from different programmes, not only from Mass Communication, but also those who study Business, Hospitality or even Engineering, to kick start with their broadcasting trial here.
“Students from different programmes are encouraged to join BFM as this will help add diversity and knowledge sharing,” shared BFM spokesperson. In the sharing session, the spokesperson mentioned community spirit is very much valued in the organisation, as staff may be working seriously during office hours but fun after work is also crucial to maintain the rapport and camaraderie.
Following that, the students also met and spoke to Mr Malek Ali, the founder and CEO of BFM. Sharing his views on why he began BFM, The Business Station, Malek said he noticed that working professionals were tired of trivial conversations on radio at the time, many were switching off and listening to podcasts from overseas via iPods.
Malek also mentioned that he knew there was a hunger for substantive conversation on air, which prompted him in choosing the very focus of the station. As he was not a believer in general talk, he focused on business content as there were successful models in print and he thought it would work for radio as well.
The visit ended with a tour of the BFM office, and students had the opportunity to see the on-air station in BFM and the workings behind the scene.
Though this visit only lasted two hours but it was certainly an eye-opening experience for the students. “Thanks for the fantastic experience!” said one of the KDU student that took part in the tour.