KDU Students Enlightened By Law Guest Lecturer From University Of Essex

Students waiting in line for brief personal discussion with Dr Simon Cooper (centre) after the talk. Dr Simon Cooper introducing himself through his background and academic credentials.
Students with Dr Simon Cooper from University of Essex. Group photo of KDU students with Dr Simon Cooper from University of Essex.
Marking the first day of March was also a thought-provoking guest lecture session on Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs) by the guest lecturer, Dr Simon Cooper. Pioneering in criminal law and public law, the striking 200 centimetres Dr Simon shared his thoughts, opinions and sentiments regarding public voice to police accountability.

The talk took place in Blackbox, KDU College, Damansara Jaya campus. A total number of 30 law students who are paving their way to be future lawyers attended the talk. In effort to heighten students’ education experience in a more holistic and wholesome manners, guest lecturing talks as such are catered frequently across all students.

The main purpose of this talk was to expose students with history of police in the United Kingdom in areas such as police accountability, police brutality, the commercialisation of accountability as well as revolutionary idea between police and commissioner.

Following Dr Simon’s introduction of himself and the sharing on police accountability, he also briefly introduced the University of Essex, its education credentials, achievements as well as campus facilities. Throughout the screening of video, students were noticeably charmed by the stunning and colossal library that is smacked dabbed on University of Essex campus ground.
Of course, students were also impressed by the 50-year heritage of teaching and research excellence in University of Essex. The session ended with a thorough Q&A segment with students mainly posed questions regarding the practice of a lawyer and bar council examinations. As the talk wrapped up, students also took home with them valuable insights regarding the ins and outs of criminal law as well as public law in the United Kingdom.