KDU Students Extend Help To A Local Orphanage By Organising A Benefit Concert

Children from the Padmasambhava Orphanage enjoying the show presented by KDU Engineering students. KDU students performing magic tricks during the benefit concert to entertain the donors and orphans from the Padmasambhava Orphanage.
Children from the Padmasambhava Orphanage performing their dance during the benefit concert. A group photo of the participants during the Benefit Concert, Shine Bright Little Lives.
The relentless effort to provide hope and inspiration for those who are less fortunate was undertaken by a group of 21 KDU students from the School of Engineering by inviting 25 children from the Padmasambhava orphanage to KDU University College campus located at Utropolis, Glenmarie to participate in a benefit concert named Shine Bright Little Lives on the 24 November 2017.

The main objective of this CSR project is to expose the children to the college life and inspire them to become a university student or an engineer since the CSR team is made up of engineering students. The purpose of the benefit concert is to fundraise for the Padmasambhava orphanage which is a home to 52 orphans. Tickets for the concert were sold to staffs and students of KDU University College. On top of that, the CSR team also set up an online crowdfunding page GoGetFunding.com to raise funds online for the local orphanage from generous donation by concerned and caring netizens.

The donations collected were presented in the form of a mock cheque which was handed over to Padmasambhava’s representative, Mr Robin Woo by KDU University College’s Senior Manager of Admission and Bursary, Mr David Tai Yew Keong. The funds collected will be fully utilised to help finance the upkeep of the orphanage in order to buy daily basic necessities for the orphans. This charity event is considered as one of the best opportunities for the students to lend a helping hand to the orphans.

The lecturer in charge of this magnanimous benefit concert, Ir Cheang Kok Meng enthused “All the works were initiated and carried out successfully by the students themselves with minimal supervision and support given by the lecturers to make this event a meaningful yet empowering occasion for the orphans as well as our students.” He added “We hope to move on to bigger projects and better CSR initiatives in the future particularly since we are from the School of Engineering, it would be good if we could utilise our engineering knowledge in some form of humanitarian efforts. However, there is always somewhere to start, and I believe that this event could be a solid stepping stone for us to move forward.”

For those who have involved directly or indirectly in making this event a success, they also believe that this event will not only help Padmasambhava directly but it will also help to raise the awareness of the importance of lending a helping hand to those who are in need. It is hoped that this event has managed to instil good moral values to KDU students who will become the future engineers and industry player who seek to contribute and give back to the society one day. After all, the corporate social responsibility module offered by KDU is designed to inculcate the spirit of community service to its students.