KDU Students Had An Eye-Opening Visit To Google Malaysia Office

Students at the starting point of the tour around Google office. 
Speaker Ms Rahayu (left) doing a round of introductions. 
Students have a look at Gerai Gugel, a creative cafeteria where Google staffs have their daily meals. 
KDU students having a group picture at the end of the Google visit. 
As a part of the efforts in grooming versatile graduates by providing them the highest level of support in line with the Malaysia Education Blueprint, KDU’s Student and Alumni Centre (SAC) had recently organised an industry visit which had indeed created a platform for effective learning through real-time exposures under one of the programmes of KDU Youth Empowerment Plan 2017 – ‘KDU Career Exploration 2017’.

The industry visit arranged for this round was to Google Malaysia’s office, which is well known for its cool office and easy-to-access work environment.

On 27 October 2017, 25 students excitedly departed from KDU’s Utropolis Glenmarie campus to Google Malaysia’s home base in Quill 7 building, next to the western entrance of KL Sentral train station, located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur city.

In line with the efforts of SAC which constantly support and facilitate undergraduate in developing their skills, abilities and passions in building lifelong careers, the main objective of this visit to Google Malaysia was to build a deeper understanding of the current job market and its outlook, by exposing the students to a myriad of new technologies with the world’s leading high-tech company.

Upon students’ arrival at 2 p.m., the Google visit started with a round of introductions and a talk by Ms Rahayu Ramli, Head of Education at Google. Ms Rahayu introduced the audience to the ideas which have been initiated within the Google lab, such as nanoparticles, wearable technology and virtual reality. These were the areas where students could enhance their interest and skills in.

Ms Rahayu also shed some lights on the workshops and activities which have been ongoing over the years, from ‘Start-up Weekend’ to ‘Google for Entrepreneurs’. She later continued with the topic of what makes the people of Google – ‘10 Things We Know To Be True’.

Another speaker, Mr. Zeffri Yusof, Head of Communications at Google, came by for a Q&A session. Students seized this opportunity to enquire about the hiring process, job requirements, products and working environment of the company. A student posed a question to further clarify the difference between Malaysia and Singapore’s Google office size, which led to the understanding of the company structure on a regional scale.

Students later had the chance to get up and walk about for a tour around Google office, venturing through unique meeting rooms, private office spaces and a well-equipped cafeteria. Students were seen capturing moments and absorbing the creative designs of the office. The visit concluded with a mingling session over refreshments while a few had their hands on playing pool.

At around 4 p.m., the students departed from Google back to KDU campus, brought along the wealth of experience gained through this Industry Visit.