KDU Students Spread Raya Cheer to Children from Raudhatul Al-Faeez Orphanage

The SHTCA students smiling merrily alongside the children from the Raudhatul Al-Faeez Orphanage and the Management of the Ibis Styles Hotel. SHTCA students preparing hot, rich and aromatic Bubur Lambuk for mass distribution. The SHTCA students and the children were all smiles with all the goodies they’ve managed to purchase.
SHAH ALAM, 13 July 2015 – The holy month of Ramadhan is often filled with the ideals of sharing and showing gratitude for what we have, that we easily overlook, in life. In the spirit of spreading the festive mood of gratitude and joy, students from the Events Management class of KDU University College’s School of Hospitality, Tourism and Culinary Arts (SHTCA) took it upon themselves to inject a little happiness to those who are less fortunate, and ultimately, spread the joy of the festive season through their SHTCA Ramadhan 2015 project.

The festive project kick started with an Iftar session with thirty-eight orphans from the Raudhatul Al-Faeez Orphanage, which is under the patronage of the Ministry of Agriculture & Agro-Based Industry. The orphans were given a real treat by the students in their effort to make this festive season more delightful and memorable. Hosted by the management of the Ibis Styles Hotel, Kuala Lumpur Fraser Business Park, the SHTCA students coordinated the Iftar event for the children in hopes that it will serve as a memorable one within the thirty days of Ramadhan. With a wide array of delicacies and sumptuous cuisines, every cravings the children had were satisfied by the meals prepared specially by culinary maestro Chef Ahmad of Ibis Styles Hotel.

The second wing of the SHTCA Ramadhan 2015 project centred in KDU’s Utropolis Glenmarie campus, where over 714 packets of Bubur Lambuk were distributed to all staff and students of KDU. A traditional Malay delicacy served primarily during Ramadhan, the cooking was headed by SHTCA’s own Chef Maharis Mamat under the guidance of Chef Hamirudin Nazir, who was fondly nicknamed Tok Guru for this endeavour

The final part of this project saw the SHTCA students generating funds of close to RM4,000 from operating a brunch kiosk in KDU and through various donations, to bring the children from the Raudhatul Al-Faeez Orphanage for a shopping spree at Mydin Mall in Subang Jaya on 12 July (Sunday). The wide smiles on their faces and eager little footsteps as they marched in a synchronised queue into Mydin brought warmth and just as much joy to the SHTCA students themselves.

The children were welcomed by the ever so humble and courteous Mydin Crew, who generously offered extra discounts for the items bought. Seeing as shopping is not something they have access to every day, the children were given full liberty to buy whatever they desire instead of just the traditional baju raya. Clearly ecstatic, the children proceeded to buying watches, jeans, t-shirts, toys and such.

Thanks to the great discounts offered by Mydin, the children were able to purchase to their hearts’ content. The children expressed their sincerest gratitude to the SHTCA students who had successfully organised these activities, which served as part of their Event Management module requirements. Despite doing this as a requirement for their module, the SHTCA students expressed a certain emotion of fulfillment when they are able to bring about so much joy to these children through what they regard as only small acts of kindness and affection.

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