Kdu students visit Bursa Malaysia

KDU students being briefed by Mr Hafiz. A group of 50 students and staff on the Industry Visit to Bursa Malaysia. 
The iconic building of Bursa Malaysia stands on the hill of Bukit Kewangan, situated right at the centre of bustling Kuala Lumpur metropolis.   
In a world where information moves at rapid speed, learning experiences beyond the classroom have become increasingly necessary. Real-world learning focuses on connecting what students are taught in classrooms to the world at large. With the aim of empowering its students with useful general knowledge, the Student and Alumni Centre of KDU University College and KDU College recently organised a study trip to Bursa Malaysia, the stock exchange holding company of our country.

The study trip comprised of 47 students from both KDU University College and KDU College, with a majority of them being Business and Accounting students. Upon arrival at the iconic building of Bursa Malaysia which stands on the hill of Bukit Kewangan, in the bustling Kuala Lumpur metropolis, KDU’s students and staff were welcomed by its Investing Education Personnel, Mr. Hafiz bin Abdul Wahab.

The group were first brought to the auditorium, for a short yet informative briefing by Mr Hafiz and his team. Mr. Hafiz drew full attention from the floor, explaining the concept of stock trading and stock investing in a lively and interesting manner. From there, the very useful briefing then moved on to the exposition on consumer market inflation, principle of share trading, definition of trading board, real estate investment trust, as well as on how to open a CDS account, identify the stock one would like to invest in and other related information.

With the rising cost of living and reports of the not-so-stellar economy, KDU students also took this opportunity to pepper the briefing session with questions of their own. Mr Hafiz expertly answered the students’ questions, clearing their doubts and also advising them to learn skills in money management in order to ensure a better future. 

One of the participating students, Eng Yee Sheang, a first year Diploma in Business Administration student, shared, “I joined this industry visit to Bursa Malaysia with my course mate, with zero knowledge at the very beginning. It has been an eye-opener. We learned about the requirement for a company to be listed in the stock market. Apart from that, we also learned about the history of Bursa Malaysia, and the basic knowledge of stock market investment. Information such as these will definitely come in handy when we enter the working life in future.”

As for Jovi Lee Jun Tatt, a Bachelor of Electrical and Electronic Engineering student, he signed up for this study trip as he wished to learn more about stock market. “Although this is completely unrelated to what I’m studying, I find it useful to know as I might be interested in stock investment in future. During the visit, I learned about the procedure of stock buying and selling, the idea of making a good investment and how to do research on stock market.”

Visiting students were then taken to the library of Bursa Malaysia to understand how information are kept and archived. The highlight of the trip was when Mr. Hafiz brought the students to a large digital screen which functioned as stock price viewer, explaining the way of observing and studying the performance of different stock at a time.
All in all, it was a good study trip for the students, who returned back to the campus with their newly-gained knowledge and exposure.