Kdu University College And Canon Marketing Malaysia Ink Deal On Academic Initiative Partnership

SHAH ALAM, 15 April 2015 – KDU University College and Canon Marketing Malaysia are proud to announce a smart collaboration that will see Canon Malaysia taking on the role of an Academic Initiative Partner of the education institution. 

The Academic Initiative Partnership, a bridge between academia and industry, will commit both parties to an exchange and sharing of knowledge and resources, which includes sponsorships, scholarships as well as other mutually-beneficial collaborative ventures.

The partnership was marked with a signing ceremony of the Memorandum of Understanding, held today at KDU’s brand new 10-acre flagship campus in Utropolis Glenmarie. 

Among the guests present at the event were Yang Berhormat P. Kamalanathan P. Panchanathan, Deputy Minister of Education II, who was also a witness for the signing ceremony, as well as Mr. Wataru Nishioka, President and CEO of Canon Marketing Malaysia, Yang Berbahagia Datin Teh Geok Lian, CEO of Paramount Education Group and Mr. Jeffrey Chew, CEO of Paramount Corporation Berhad. 

Signing on behalf of KDU University College, Vice Chancellor Professor Khong Yoon Loong said that the partnership is very much in line with KDU’s ethos of being a real world university meeting real world needs, and its mission of producing career-ready graduates who will be an asset in helping Malaysia grow forth as a first world talent base. “As an education institution that focuses on knowledge creation and inspires learning, be it in the classroom or beyond, KDU ensures that its students are grounded with a strong foundation in character and knowledge not only in their specialisation, but also in industry best practices. The Academic Initiative Partnership helps to ensure our students will learn and benefit from the best in the market,” said Professor Khong.

Representing Canon Marketing (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd., President and CEO Mr. Wataru Nishioka explained the motivation of Canon coming onboard as KDU’s Academic Initiative Partner.

“The MoU signing between KDU University College and Canon Marketing Malaysia to seal the 5-year Academic Initiative Partnership is a significant milestone for both organisations. For Canon, this flagship initiative opens doorsfor us to contribute to the field of higher education. We have always been passionate about connecting with today’s technology savvy students who are also the leaders of tomorrow. As a company focused on innovation and superior input (imaging) and output (printing and projection) technology, Canon believes we can expand their knowledge by exposing them to latest technology developed at our global research and development centres and adopted in our products for the marketplace. 

“As part of this unique academia-industry collaboration, KDU’s Utropolis Glenmarie Campus will be equipped with Canon’s copiers, as well as our large format printers. We have established a ‘Canon UniPrint’ shop and a demo station, to allow students to benefit from the convenience of one-stop printing solutions and the experience of wireless photo printing solutions respectively. 

“We are also pleased to announce that special rebates and concessions from this initiative will also be channelled to an education fund to provide loans to KDU students in need of financial aid.

“The setting up of this first ‘Canon UniPrint’ marks Canon’s successful collaboration with our business partner to manage this unique channel to bring our technological solutions to the student world and the faculty. 

“We are certainly keen to explore this winning formula to benefit an even larger community of students in the near future. We thank KDU for this opportunity to work together and look forward to future collaborations of mutual benefit,” said Mr Wataru Nishioka.

As a market leader in imaging solutions, the partnership will see Canon spearheading the sponsorship of equipment for KDU’s photography and printing needs. Three KDU schools within the Utropolis Glenmarie Campus that will enjoy the convenience of print through Canon’s facilities are the School of Communication and Creative Arts, School of Computing and Creative Media, and School of Engineering. 

The ‘Canon UniPrint’ shop is aptly named so as ‘Uni’ is the root word for many words that depict what Canon seeks to do – unity, universal, unique, university. Canon aims to make this outlet a showcase of what the brand seeks to bring to students under one roof and give them the unique opportunity to capitalise on the convenience of one-stop printing solutions. With such facilities available, creative arts and design students can also print their coursework in large formats while students from Engineering can output their AutoCAD drawings.

KDU students will also get to experience the innovation of Canon’s wireless printing technology at the specially designed demo station to print their photos wirelessly (by downloading the PIXMA printing solutions App available on IOS and Android platforms) through their smart devices.

Through this partnership with KDU Utropolis Glenmarie campus, Canon aims to reach out to more students and at the same time, expose them to the cutting edge innovation and technology. It is vital to engage with the consumers as Canon believes in providing quality products and services, thus making it a trusted brand.

Another aspect of this partnership includes the setting up of the industrial scholarship that will be awarded to less fortunate students who are highly-motivated and deserving. As an education institution, not only does KDU educate students to be young and promising leaders of the future, but also believe that each and every one should have a right to education. As such, Professor Khong commended Canon for its effort in making education a possible dream for hopeful students. 

The event also saw the launch and tour of KDU’s School of Communication and Creative Arts’ (SCCA) suite of production studios, which include two photography studios, a performing arts studio, a design studio, a recording studio, television and radio broadcast studios as well as a showcase gallery. 

The school’s brand new facilities, which mirror industry standards, will play a role in educating, developing and shaping the minds of future communication professionals and creative arts talents, ensuring that its students will hit the ground running upon enrolment into KDU.

The event today also provided the perfect platform for SCCA students to hone their skills and garner experience in event planning. The students, from both diploma and degree programmes, were tasked not only with the planning and coordination of the event, but also played key roles in providing support for sponsorship and publicity – an example of how KDU ensures its students are prepped with the rights skills and knowledge to become industryready graduates. 

With the Academic Initiative Partnership taking flight today, both KDU and Canon reaffirmed their goals and aspiration of establishing more academic-industry projects under this collaboration that will ultimately benefit students. 


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