KDU University College Builds Largest Lollipop Mural for Stress Awareness Campaign

Tan Sri Johan Jaaffar (3rd from left), completing the mural with final few pieces with (from left) Mr Wang Chong Hwa, Paramount Corporation’s Property Division COO; Mr Shanker Sathivellu, KDU University College’s Deputy Vice Chancellor – Administration; Professor Hiew Pang Leang, KDU University College’s Vice Chancellor; Mr Beh Chun Chong, Paramount Corporation’s Property Division CEO; Associate Professor Dr Hon Wei Min, Deputy Vice Chancellor – Academic.  Tan Sri Johan Jaaffar (centre), witnessing KDU’s largest lollipop mural creating an entry into Malaysia Book of Records together with Mr Patrick Khoo Teck Gin (from left), Mr Wang Chong Hwa, Mr Shanker Sathivellu; from right Associate Professor Dr Hon Wei Min, Mr Beh Chun Chong and Professor Hiew Pang Leang. 
KDU University College students from the Event Management class, Bachelor of Communication (Hons) programme, who have been working tirelessly, proudly pose before the largest lollipop mural in Malaysia with their lecturer advisor, Ms Farah Izyan Jemel Nasir (5th from right in front row). 
The largest lollipop mural in the country, built by 65 KDU University College students in 3 days and nights, ultimately created an entry for KDU in the Malaysia Book of Records! 
Playing a part in raising awareness on the dangers of stress amongst Malaysians, KDU University College students from Event Management class, Bachelor of Communication (Hons) programme, have taken on the feat of building this lollipop mural, in a week-long event from 18 – 24 July.
The event, aptly named ‘PS, LOL’, sent out a message directed at the public to Love Out Loud, Live Out Loud and Laugh Out Loud, as well as spread happiness amongst students, staff and members of the public.
Made out of 64,000 pieces of lollipops, the mural is 10 metres in length, 4 metres in width, and about 3 metres in height as it was slanting from the ground. The Event Management students began working on the mural, which was set up and placed at Utropolis Marketplace, from 18 July.
On 21 July, the students’ efforts culminated in Malaysia Book of Records’ official record-breaking ceremony, graced and witnessed by Tan Sri Johan Jaaffar, prominent former journalist, writer and chairman of Media Prima. The completed record-breaking mural continued to be displayed at Utropolis Marketplace from 22 – 24 July.
In his remarks, Tan Sri Johan Jaaffar congratulated KDU and its students for the ingenuity and freshness of the ideas, saying, “The spirit that you guys have put in, together as one, is not just about KDU, but it's about the students of KDU, that's made up of different races and religion.”
Vice Chancellor of KDU University College, Professor Hiew Pang Leang, commended the students’ efforts in this stress awareness campaign and cited Bhutan’s Gross National Happiness Index, encouraging the public to emulate the small country’s effort in promoting national happiness. “This mural is done by our Bachelor of Communications students to try and conjure up that charitable moment of happiness and to remind us that being happy, loving, living and laughing out loud is an important aspect of our lives,” said Professor Hiew.
During the ceremony, the completion of mural with the final few pieces was carried out by Tan Sri Johan Jaaffar, together with Professor Hiew Pang Leang, Vice Chancellor of KDU University College; Associate Professor Dr Hon Wei Min, Deputy Vice Chancellor – Academic of KDU University College; Mr Beh Chun Chong, Paramount Corporation’s Property Division CEO; Mr Shanker Sathivellu, Deputy Vice Chancellor – Administration of KDU University College; and Mr Wang Chong Hwa, Paramount Corporation’s Property Division COO.
Student Adrian Koo Ee-Theng, who is the leader for this event, explained why his class decided on a stress awareness campaign, “In a recent Malay Mail article it’s stated that from 2011 to 2015, there is a 50% increase in depressed patients, in Malaysia. This statistic is extremely alarming, as it is equivalent to one third of the Malaysian population. Experts claim that the main reason why there is a rapid rise in patients suffering from depression is due to stress.”
The idea of using lollipops to build the mural stems from the fact that research has proven that desserts, when consumed at an appropriate amount, do function as a stress reliever, hence the symbolic lollipop mural.
The Event Management students, who have been working tirelessly, teamed up with several sponsors to ensure the event is a success. The sponsors include Utropolis Marketplace – situated within Paramount Utropolis, an integrated development that promotes a complete live-and-learn, work-and-play environment within one address – A Pie Thing, Astro Digital Publications, Bluunis, Gong Cha, WorthyBook, Grab It, Project Salvage and official media partner ROJAK (myrojak.net), an online lifestyle & entertainment magazine.
The week-long event was held simultaneously at two locations, namely KDU University College Glenmarie Campus and Utropolis Marketplace, with bazaars at the campus from 20 – 21 Jul and Utropolis Marketplace from 21 – 24 July. There were numerous merchants, including booths selling childhood candies from the 90s that evoked a nostalgic feeling. There were also various activities that put a smile on everyone’s faces such as carnival games, face painting, petting zoo and pony rides.
Through this event, the Event Management students gained hands-on experience in various areas. Students demonstrated the ability from gather information to plan special events or conferences as well as developed a planning process which aided in the delivery of special events/conferences. Besides that, students also designed and practiced a plethora of promotional techniques in relation to specific special events/conferences. All in all, students had learned how to execute an event successfully while understanding the process, risks and necessities through the event’s co-ordination.