KDU University College's Students Entreprenuership Conference


Participants physically express Open Mind, Open Heart and Open Hands during Dr. Peter Ting’s keynote address   Q&A with Benjamin Yong

Ngai Yuen and fans   Participants descend to Genovasi Office for their workshop

Kuala Lumpur, 11 August 2014: KDU University College held its inaugural Student Entrepreneurship Conference over two-days at its Damansara Jaya campus and brought more than a 100 students from various universities both locally and internationally to listen to “rock star” entreprenuers in their own sectors to share their experiences with students in the hope that this will expand their knowledge and ignite the spirit of entrepreneurship. The conference was held with the aim to holistically equip the students with the knowledge of the big picture on where the nation is heading, the highs and lows of the being an entrepreneur as well as how to begin their journey as entrepreneurs utilising Blue Ocean Strategy thinking.

The conference started off with a keynote address by Dr. Peter Ting, Chief Co-Creation Officer of Strategic Co-Creation Group, who spoke on making competition irrelevant as well as value innovation, based on the Blue Ocean Strategy. His “open mind, open hearts and open hands” concept also struck a chord with the participants as it signified that the world of an entrepreneur, no matter which sector needed all three to be opened.

Following this, there were sessions by Mr. Christopher Tock, Managing Director and CoFounder of Empowering Youth Endeavours (EYE) Project and Mr. Benjamin Yong, Founder and CEO of BIG Group on Day One while on Day Two there were sessions by Mr. Jan Wong from Open Minds and Ms. Low Ngai Yuen, Head of Kakiseni respectively. The final session was a workshop at the premises of Genovasi, which was set-up with the aim to promote innovation culture through education and training programmes.

Joel Tan Tze Whay, the emcee for the first session sat through quite a few of the sessions in the conference and said that he previously did not believe that he could be an entrepreneur, but after all the talks and workshop, he was inspired by the stories told and would be looking at using the knowledge and skills he learnt to work towards this path. He was most influenced by Jan Wong who started his own entrepreneurship journey at just 18 and whose philosophy includes allowing all his staff to have their own start-ups.

Benjamin Yong’s session was also very well attended and many were impressed with his down-to-earth delivery where he shared on his experience of building up a business employing almost 1000 staff. He candidly shared on his successes and failures as an entrepreneur as well as the impetus which kick-started his journey.

Christopher Tock shared on Social Community Entrepreneurship and the relationship between community and business while Ngai Yuen shared on essential leadership and management skills in the entrepreneur setting. Each shared their personal journey and also the ups and downs they encountered to paint a well-balanced picture of what an entrepreneur would face.

Christy Ng who was the conference’s organising chairperson said that the success of the event and its active participation at all sessions was contributory to the teamwork from her committee members and said that now, they are her life-long friends.

Mr Mitchell Liong, Head of the Student and Alumni Centre at KDU UC said that the conference saw much participation from various public and private universities including those from Sunway University, Brickfield College and INCEIF. He added that entrepreneurship was much encouraged and even integrated into the institution’s curriculum. He said this conference not only serves as a platform to equip its students with leadership and communication skills which are so essential when they join the workforce but also to propagate and ignite the spirit of entrepreneurship among the youth and to further nationbuilding.


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