KDU Unlocks Future Opportunities By Hosting Special Guests From University Of Bristol

A group photo session with the guest speakers from the University of Bristol and Senior Manager of KDU’s Student Alumni Centre, Mitchell Liong Chee Yan – On the right.  
Expanding the horizon and embracing the world without borders have always been the quality of education that KDU seeks to provide for its students from all around the globe. KDU aspires to produce top graduates and prolific entrepreneurs who create openings for people to unleash their fullest potential by not limiting the doors which could lead to such goals within its campuses. In collaboration with the University of Bristol, KDU hosted a ‘Career Exploration’ event on the 16 January 2018 at its campus located at KDU College, Damansara Jaya campus.

There were six representatives from the University of Bristol that represented different industrial backgrounds namely Dr Ardavan Arzandeh, Dr Jenny Lloyd and Dr Sofia Galani from the Faculty of Social Sciences and Law; Dr Steve Bullock from the Faculty of Engineering; Professor Elek Molnar from Faculty of Biometric Science; and Professor Jan Noyes from the Faculty of Science. The main objective of the special event is to expose KDU students about various topics across industries which are under the expertise of the invited speakers. The guest speakers also took the opportunity to promote the study prospects in the University of Bristol to the participants. Some of the programmes covered during the session were Psychology, Law, Management & Marketing, Biomedical Science and Neuroscience, and Aerospace Engineering.

In total, 40 KDU students which are mainly from the A-Level programme attended the event held at the Black Box in KDU Damansara Jaya campus.

The event kicked off with a brief narrative of what it is like to study abroad at the University of Bristol which is considered as one of the most popular and successful universities in the United Kingdom. According to its official website, the University of Bristol is ranked within the top 50 universities in the world in the QS World University Rankings of 2018.

After an interesting and descriptive introduction of the life in England, the session proceeded with Dr Ardavan’s sharing on the perks of studying law at Bristol whereby students also took away the insights regarding the field of international commercial litigation.

Moving on, Dr. Steve Bullock took over the session with a talk that garnered the boys’ interest: Robots Pretending to be Aeroplanes (the science and maths behind aircrafts). It was fairly intriguing as the topic touched on the introduction of maths needed to model and control the dynamic systems used in aircrafts as well as the availability of the Relative Motion Robotics Facility at the University of Bristol.

Professor Jan Noyes soon graced the floor with her take on the psychology of visual perception and debunking the myth of unemployment around a career in Psychology. Her talk entitled “Seeing is Believing, or is it?” discussed further on the topic of Psychology with a particular focus on visual perception and the varied careers for psychologists. The crowd was also enlightened with the science behind the central nervous system and the human brain.

The event was indeed a blast as summarised by Teresa Tan Yen Mei, a student of American Degree Transfer Programme of KDU College, Damansara Jaya where she stated, “The biggest takeaway from this talk is probably being debunked of all the myths that I had about Engineering and Psychology”. She added, “I am delighted to have given such opportunities to widen my perspective and really looking forward to such event again in the near future.”