KDU V.I.P. Volunteerism Workshop Series 2019

Volunteerism Workshop 1 ; Is Volunteerism Really A Profession by Generasi Gemilang. Volunteerism Workshop 2 : Is Volunteerism Worth The Investment by Noble Care.
Volunteerism Workshop 2 : Sharing of Experiences By Dr Eijaz. Volunteerism Workshop 1 : Sharing Session.
KDU University College, worked with thousands of students and constantly strive to offer them the avenue to expand their experience in tertiary education through learning opportunities with external companies and organisations. Volunteerism Workshop Series 2019 is one of the initiative to create awareness among KDU students regarding volunteerism. This workshop series organized by KDU Volunteerism Initiative Project (KDU V.I.P.) which serves as an arm of KDU’s endeavour to further uphold youth empowerment.

Bavatarani, Green Trooper members which is one of the volunteerism pillar in KDU V.I.P. said that “It was great, we really gained a lot of new knowledge, hope we can attend more workshops like this in the future”.

This year 2019 marked the first step for KDU V.I.P. organised a volunteerism based workshop on campus. The volunteerism workshop consists 4 series of workshop where each workshop will cover different topics regarding volunteerism. The first and second series of Volunteerism Workshop was held on 27th and 28th of May in KDU UG Campus and the third and fourth series of workshops will be held in October. 

The first workshop with the topic “Is Volunteerism Really A Profession?” presented by Ms Huay Phing , Head of Youth & Education Services from Generasi Gemilang NGO. Generasi Gemilang was founded in 2008 and the objective of the NGO is to educate the implications leaving in Malaysia with a difference race, religion and background. Their mission is to improve the lives of under-served children and families by increasing access to quality education.

During the workshop, few activities has been done by the speaker to expose the efforts of volunteerism to the students. The first activities was the sharing session where each students are required to be in the group of 3 or 4 person. They have to choose between 3 main aspects that they has been thought which is Time, Talent and Treasure. The students then required to share with everyone their volunteerism experiences together with the aspects they choose.

Kai Cong, KDU Student Council said that “I feel that I learnt a lot throughout the workshop and it was really fun too. The speaker's presentation was good as well as the information given was relevant.”
As for the second workshop, the topic is “Is Volunteerism Worth The Investment?” presented by Dr Eijaz whom is a Founder and Director of Noble Care Malaysia.Noble Care Malaysia is a welfare and humanity services initiative to aid the deserving members of the community. They provide ranges of services which included elderly care, nursing homes, handicapped adults and retirement resort.

Dr Eijaz briefed the students regarding the current need and demand of volunteerism especially among youth. Lee Xuan, KDU students said that “Its good and inspiring and hopefully our club got the chances to work with them in the future”.