KDU x TGU Culturation Mobility Programme

Group photo outside the KL City Gallery, Kuala Lumpur. Group photo outside the National Museum, Kuala Lumpur.
One of the booths showcased Food & Traditional Game: Onigiri & Fukuwarai. Last group photo at Departure Hall, KLIA.
On 17th February 2019, 21 students along with one chaperone from Tezukayama Gakuin University, Osaka, Japan arrived in Malaysia for their three-week Mobility Programme at KDU. Those students came with the anticipation to improve their English language and enjoy the cultural exchange in Malaysia.

First day on-going with a welcome address from the Deputy Vice Chancellor of KDU, Assoc. Prof Dr Hon Wei Min and the overall programme briefing by Wilson Chee. Later, they been introduced to their Malaysian buddies and split into four (4) groups accordingly.

The buddies handled the ice-breaking session by playing games and getting to know each other. They been taught on 20 Things You Should Know About Malaysia by Ms Faridatul from Department of General Studies. Later, the buddies took them for a campus tour. The whole night was a meaningful to them to spent with a Welcome Dinner along with cultural performances at WOWKL!, Kuala Lumpur.
“It was pretty exciting that we got to enjoy dinner while enjoying the cultural performances. 2 in 1 fun!” – Jun Mukaigawa, TGU student

Group photo at WOWKL!, Kuala Lumpur with the cultural performers

The next day, they departed to Putrajaya to attend the talk happening Cuti-Cuti Malaysia Tourism Guide at Tourism Malaysia aftertheir first English class in the morning and in the evening they went to Fo Guang Shan Dong Zen Temple at Jenjarum, to experience Chinese New Year in Malaysia. Coincidently, it was the last day to celebrate Chinese New Year on that day. For this, they had the chance to celebrate it with the members of KDU Chinese Cultural Society.
“This is my first time experiencing Chinese New Year celebration, I feel so lucky as I get to know more about the Chinese culture” – Memi, TGU student

Group photo at Fo Guang Shan Dong Zen Temple, Jenjarum with the members of KDU Chinese Cultural Society

The next following day they expended on learning English, Bahasa Malaysia & Principles of Public Relations, counsellors from SAC did a workshop with them by the tittle of, Diversity & Inclusion.

During the weekend, they spent their time hanging out with the local buddies who is also helped them to prepare for their Japan Exploration Showcase where they need to share anything of choices from Japan that relates to food, culture, games or even clothing.

The TGU students went out for a Kuala Lumpur City Tour. They also enjoyed shopping at the Central Market, before heading down to the National Museum and later continued their shopping at the KL Golden Triangle which basically is where all the major shopping malls located ; Pavillion, Bukit Bintang & Lot 10. 

The second week continued with their English classes, and Introduction to New Media. They had the chance to watch a Malaysian-made movie called “The Journey”. It was chosen in conjunction of the recently celebrated Chinese New Year as it touched on the Chinese wedding culture & the way of living. Apart from that, TGU students attended “Taste of Malaysia” workshop where they were taught on how to make Malay kuih.

On 27th February, it was final day for Japan Exploration Showcase. The groups of four showcased their range of food, traditional games, and art for the whole day. It was a great experience for them to exchange thoughts and culture with the locals in KDU. 

Later that week, TGU students were brought to New World Hotel, Petaling Jaya to Experience Hotel & Food Serving Industry Training. Overall, they gained knowledge on services available in a hotel. Additionally, they had the chance to play Malaysian Traditional Games with the members of Malay Cultural Society. 

The weekend was spent at Malacca for a one night stay. They visited the historical places such as A’Famosa, the Stadhuys, Maritime Museum, and Jonker Street with night market shopping! 

The last week of the Mobility Programme with TGU was filled with fun activities and trips like Experience Malaysian Traditional Dance workshop, a Tele-Match The Malaysian Style with KDU Sports Team and a trip to Yakult Factory in Seremban. Apart from that, they had the chance to go to Sunway Lagoon with the local buddies. It was definitely the unforgettable three-weeks for both the TGU students, and the local buddies and staff.

“I would definitely come back to Malaysia soon to explore more!” – Haruto, TGU student