KDU's Pre-U Students Score in the Cambridge A Level Examination

Head of the School of Pre-University Studies, Sathyavathy a/p Rasanayagam, with her students.  Gan Jia Min, one of KDU’s many high achievers.
PETALING JAYA, 13 AUGUST 2015 - With the recent release of the Cambridge A-Level June 2015 examination results, many students from KDU College’s School of Pre-University Studies were spotted with jubilant faces and triumphant smiles as they celebrated the strings of A*s and A’s that they’ve studied so hard for.

The students have indeed done very well. 30% of the students who sat for the examination had managed to score straight A’s, with 3A’s and above. “We are proud of our students` achievements as it reflects on both the attitude of the students and of our strong team of lecturers. Being committed to their roles as educators, they have not failed to live up to the expectations of the students,” noted Sathyavathy a/p Rasanayagam proudly as the Head of the School of Pre-University Studies. 

"We managed to bring students from average to great, and that is one of the most challenging yet satisfying journey of a teacher,” she quipped further. 

Year after year, students at the School of Pre-University Studies perform excellently, receiving top subject awards from the Cambridge International Examination Board in the UK. 

Gan Jia Min, a former A-Levels student in KDU and who is currently studying engineering at the University of Cambridge, was awarded first place as the Best Across 3 Cambridge International A Levels, Top in the World for Chemistry (A Level), Top in Malaysia for Physics (A Level) and Top in the World for Mathematics (AS Level) in 2014. 

Gan said, “I must say that KDU teachers are indeed a passionate lot and I cannot thank them enough for their contribution to my success in A-Levels. Right now, I have just completed my first year of engineering at the University of Cambridge. The foundation that I have formed at KDU certainly made my transition to university rather seamless.” 

Here at KDU, education goes beyond the syllabus. The School of Pre-University Studies at KDU College believes that providing a well-rounded experience is critical for preparing students for the world they will soon face as learners and leaders. 

With the right pre-university programme, students can adjust to their tertiary education with ease and start to embrace their interests and passions. And just as it is important for them to choose a field of study which they are passionate about, it is also important to select a college that provides a wholesome and well-rounded education experience. 

The Cambridge A Level programme, offered at KDU College, is based on the prestigious University of Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) syllabus. It is internationally recognised for entrance into undergraduate degree courses such as medicine, law, engineering and more. Since its commencement, KDU students have continued to gain access into top universities such as the University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, University of Manchester, University of London and more. 

The Cambridge A Level curriculum, with its depth and breadth, provides a solid foundation of fundamental knowledge and assessments are based on one’s mastery of subjects and one’s ability to apply them in real-world scenarios. Students will be equipped with essential cognitive and critical thinking skills which are necessary to pursue and excel in any degree programme. 

KDU College’s School of Pre-University Studies also offers other foundation programmes. The University of New South Wales (UNSW) Foundation Studies is one of Australia’s leading foundation courses and is the longest established foundation programme in Australia. It offers a full academic programme with a wide range of subjects and is a university entrance qualification recognised by Australian and New Zealand universities. Students can also opt to undertake the KDU Foundation in Arts programme, designed to provide multidisciplinary exposure and developed to suit the demands of the current liberal generation. 

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