Leo’s Lead the Leader Camp: Growing Leadership

Participants are working together in Environmental Project.  Participants are enjoying themselves in “What is LEO?” session. 
Participants giving their presentation during “Youth Project” session.  Closing Ceremony of Lead the Leaders.
It’s a common misconception that some people are natural-born leaders, while others are just followers. However, that’s not entirely true. While taking charge may come more naturally to some, there are just as many leaders who have made it through their own initiative to learn and grow. The event was held from 9th June until 11th June 2018 in Alor Star. Lead The Leaders is a program that was specifically designed to help students from all walks of life develop skills that would attribute to their eventual success at heading their own projects.
The first day of the program started off with registration and some ice-breaking games to get the participants acquainted with each other. During this session, they were separated into different groups and came up with their respective group names and cheers. A list of fifteen random words were also presented to the groups, with which the students would have to come up with a short sketch by the end of the day. The team with the best sketch would be given a prize. After the obligatory opening ceremony, participants had to complete their first assignment- The Environmental Project. For this activity, each group was given a box of recyclable items such as glass bottles, newspapers and tin cans, with the purpose of transforming ‘trash’ into a product that would raise environmental awareness. This project also doubled as a competition, as upon the completion of the project, participants were required to make a video explaining the project, which would be uploaded in Facebook. The video with the most likes by the second day would be considered the winner of the activity and be awarded with a mystery prize.
Ng Zhi Kuan from 4ward was invited to give a talk during the session. In his talk, he talked about the different personalities according to Leonard Personality Inventory (LPI). The objective of the talk was to let the students be more self-aware so that they would be able to know their own strengths and weaknesses, and change or maintain certain traits accordingly. After the talk, the session begun with a ‘What is LEO?’. It was held by SEGI LEO Club, the ‘What is LEO?’ session featured a few games that highlighted several characteristics that make up the core of LEO clubs.
The next activity on the agenda was a Fellowship Night, whereas participants were delighted by a buffet dinner, and a series of wonderful performances by a magician and KDU’s very own PARTs Dancing and Singing divisions. Fellowship Night was followed by the sketch performance, which was when all groups had their ten minutes of fun and fame acting out their respective stories.
In the next morning, Lead the Leaders kicked off with registration and a morning exercise session.
The issued we were discussing about is the importance of communication and the types of communication- which is, arguably, an essential component of becoming a leader.During the Youth Project, all the groups were assigned a topic, which they then had to use as a basis to brainstorm an event about. By given a mah-jong paper and some markers, the groups would then have to write down and present their ideas to both Lions and LEOs after their discussion. The leadership camp ended with a grand closing ceremony and a photography session.
In a nutshell, Lead The Leaders camp was a meaningful with equipped all students with the traits that leaders need to possess in order to be successful. All the activities were designed with the final goal in mind, and all in all was a successful event.