Malay Cultural Society Home Stay Kg Haji Dorani 2016

Participants trying their luck catching fish in muddy paddy field. Participants trying out traditional method for paddy harvesting.
MCS Homestay 2106 participants.  
In bringing the students closer to nature and to cherish the wonderful attractions that it has to offer, the KDU Malay Cultural Society organised a trip to Home Stay Haji Dorani located at Sabak Bernam on the 19 and 20 November 2016. The trip, which was participated by all the club members of the Malay Cultural Society, comprised of traditional paddy harvesting, Batik painting, traditional games, catching fish in a muddy paddy field, night walk, and a visit to Nata De Coco factory and Malay delicacies factory.

On day one, the first activity prepared by the home stay was paddy harvesting using traditional equipment. The coordinator gave a brief and clear explanation on skills to harvest it effectively and the ways to differentiate good paddy and bad paddy. It provided all participants with real-life knowledge in the traditional paddy industry. All participants were then allocated to 5 different foster families before having village-style lunch with their respective foster family.

After that, participants returned to the home stay for Batik Painting activity where all participants were given a piece of cloth that was pre-canted with wax and to colour it using fabric paint. During the activity, participants were given the chance to appreciate the traditional design and process of Batik crafting as they tried to do it themselves.

The merriment continued with “Sukaneka” which consisted of two traditional games, coconut bowling and “hitting the beehive”. For both games, the participants were divided into two groups and games were carried out in a competition style. The traditional games tested their teamwork ability and brought them together as a team. Both teams were happy with a draw in both games.

The fun did not stop there as they continued with fish catching in the muddy paddy field. All participants were briefed on technique to catch the fish as it requires quick response. Some of them were able to perform it excellently and managed to catch a few. Dinner was then served at the activity centre and prepared by Home Stay provider.
The participants also had a chance to go for a night walk. Safety instructions were given clearly by the coordinator, with all checkpoints on guard by the home stay staff. Participants were given torchlights to lead the line and do a head count check at different checkpoints. Participants were also taught to make a simple trumpet using coconut leaves.

On the next day, all participants paid a visit to the Nata De Coco factory and Malay delicacies factory. The operator of Nata De Coco gave an explanation about the process of manufacturing, uses and benefits of Nata De Coco. Participants were given the opportunity to try raw Nata De Coco before it was further processed. In a nutshell, all participants were very satisfied with the activities prepared by MCS and the Home Stay as the host. They find it very engaging, eye-opening and convenient as the duration of the programmes were very timely.