Malaysian Horror Cinema Workshop : Film Sharing Event for Buyer Beware at KDU Glenmarie Campus

AHMAD IDHAM, one of Malaysia's top horror film directors, appeared at #BuyerBewareMovie #吉屋 sharing session at KDU Glenmarie on Monday, 16th July 2018. The director of Buyer Beware, Jeffrey Chiang, the executive producer Kent Cham and producer Jimz Lee of MM2 Entertainment, conducted a film workshop on Malaysian horror cinema and introduced MM2’s new horror film Buyer Beware which will be released nationwide in Malaysia on 19th July 2018 following its earlier release in Hong Kong and Singapore at end of June 2018, to students at KDU Glenmarie. Special guests Ahmad Idham, actor/director Zul Huzaimy and local film producer/actor Puhendhirana/L sandera Sagaren etc. joined the workshop and shared exciting industrial experiences and stories of making ghost films in Malaysia with students from SCCA (School of Communication and Creative Arts).

Buyer Beware centres on the story of Charlie, a young ambitious property agent. Charlie joins a successful agency run by wealthy couple, Gordon and Lucy. He soon learns the secrets behind the agency's success; they specialise in buying up dirt cheap properties after someone has died or been murdered in them, sells them at a higher price without disclosing to the new owners the horrifying truth. Ethical dilemmas soon subside as Charlie enjoys the windfall he makes from every sale. Charlie shrugs off buyers who complain about supernatural happenings and the nightmare they have to endure and continues to basks in his opulent lifestyle. It was not until one of his clients succumbs to the tragic hauntings that he decides to reveal the horrible secrets of his agency.

The director Jeffrey Chiang particularly emphasized on the transnationality of this film as it employed Hong Kong cast in front of the camera, and mostly a Malaysian crew behind the camera, with postproduction completed in Hollywood. Apart from sharing valuable experiences of making the film, Jeffrey, Jimz and Kent, together with the special guests, also discussed some key issues regarding horror genre in Asia and Hollywood such as the representation of ghost, setting and archetypes of characters etc. SCCA students have fully taken the advantages of engaging the filmmakers face to face by asking questions about horror filmmaking, film industry and cinematic creativity etc. The students have definitely enjoyed this event and we had to conclude the Q&A section despite of many students still wanting to ask more questions as time was up. Following the end of the workshop, Jeffrey and Ahmad Idham were also invited to conduct an interview by KDU Campus Radio which is fully operated by SCCA students. 

Mr. Loo, the head of school of SCCA, together with Dr Li Qiao, joined the director Jeffrey for a discussion regarding possible long-term collaborations between SCCA and MM2 Entertainment for providing more opportunities for SCCA students such as internship, workshops and creative training etc. in the near future. Mr Loo has also suggested to continue to organize more industrial events for SCCA students as a platform for bringing the industry to campus. The industrial guests from MM2 Entertainment were quite impressed by the state of the art KDU Glenmarie campus, and happily accepted invitations for visiting our SCCA students back again in the near future.