Master Chefs From Around The World Dazzled At Gastronomique Adventure

Prof Dr Hiew Pang Leang (centre) celebrates the goal achieved in the Gastronomique Adventure, with Food Aid Foundation and World Chefs Without Borders that raised RM30,000 and RM20,000 respectively. Mock cheques being handed by Prof Hiew to Mr Rick Chee, founder of Food Aid Foundation (from left) and Chef Willment Leong, Committee Chairman of World Chefs Without Borders. Chef Thomas A. Gugler, President of WACS (5th from left), together with the WorldChefs visiting KDU University College. 
An assistant-Chef (left) for Chef Jozef Oseli from Slovenia (2nd from right) are helped by KDU students and chef lecturer in meticulously preparing the dishes. Chef Arni Arnorsson from Iceland presenting his creative four cuisines which includes ‘Braised Icelandic lamb shoulder with barley’, is savoured by the invited guests.
In commemoration of the 30th Anniversary of its School of Hospitality, Tourism and Culinary Arts (SHTCA), KDU University College hosted a culinary fundraising charity international food tasting gala dinner Gastronomique Adventure, on 6 August 2017, with Food Aid Foundation and World Chefs Without Borders (WCWB) raised RM30,000 and RM20,000 respectively, in aids for the needy locally and globally.

Food Aid Foundation, a food bank that rescues and collects surplus food from the supply chain and redistributes it to charity, is active with their emergency relief work to local society; whereas WCWB is a humanitarian aid initiative by The World Association of Chefs Societies (WACS), a renowned global network of chefs associations.

This event delivered an extraordinary culinary adventure prepared on-site by 12 international Master Chefs, who are currently the main committee members of WACS or WorldChefs. KDU University College was proud to host the main committee members of WACS and WCWB, who were making their official debut in Malaysia for this prestigious event.

The concept that was showcased was unique by any standards whereby the guests were brought from station (kitchen) to station (kitchen) to savour the signature delicacies created by these international Master Chefs. The 12 international Master Chefs who showcased their signature dishes were -
  1. Chef Willment Leong – Thailand/Singapore (Chairman - WCWB);
  2. Chef Thomas Gugler – Saudi Arabia/Germany (President - World Association of Chef Societies);
  3. Chef Yau Kok Kheong – Malaysia;
  4. Chef Arni Arnorsson- Iceland;
  5. Chef Tony Khoo – Singapore;
  6. Chef Mak Kam Kui – Hong Kong;
  7. Chef Ray Mccue – USA;
  8. Chef Jozef Oseli – Slovenia;
  9. Chef Oliver Esser Soe Thet – Myanmar/Germany;
  10. Chef Cornelia Volino – Canada;
  11. Chef Christos Gkotsis –Greece;
  12. Chef Tony Chang – Taiwan.
There were close to 600 guests who joined the festivities. All of the School’s chef lecturers, Food and Beverage and the Management lecturers together with their Culinary and Management students were on hand to assist these Master Chefs in their dishes and in operational matters to make it an out of this world experience to be involved in such an international event.

The proceeds of the event channelled to Food Aid Foundation and WCWB will later be redistributed to charity or welfare organisations, refugee schools and communities, soup kitchens, the destitute and the differently-abled communities locally. Globally, it will also be used to provide education and resources to those in need and who are afflicted by natural disasters.

Panegyrising SHTCA in hosting this significant and charitable event, Prof Dr Hiew Pang Leang, Vice Chancellor of KDU University College commented, “This is an evening banquet with exquisite dishes, prepared by master chefs hailing from all over the world, in the effort to help the needy and to give back to the community – there is no better way of encapsulating, defining and commemorating SHTCA’s 30th anniversary.”

Mr Heinz Buerki, President of IMI Switzerland conveyed his congratulatory remarks to this joint efforts by saying, “I am proud to see the charities supported by World Chefs Without Borders and Food Aid Foundation. IMI would be delighted to invite the World Chefs Without Borders to plan a similar event in IMI, Switzerland as we believe in supporting global worthwhile charitable organisations.” This year, KDU University College celebrates its 20th anniversary collaboration with IMI as partner school.

“By organising this event, we are here to encourage the young chefs to care for the society besides developing themselves into successful chefs, as we always believe, to give is better than to take, we are World Chefs Without Borders!” Chef Willment Leong, Committee Chairman of World Chefs Without Borders shared his thoughts for this initiative. 
Mr Rick Chee, founder of Food Aid, described their role for this initiative, “Our role is to connect the world of waste to the world of wants. We are delighted that the goal achieved here with the contribution of the guests and participants.”  
Mr Bonnie Lopez, Head of SHTCA added, “It is a privilege to be play host to this Charity event and having the Master Chefs of World Association of Chef Societies (WACS) in KDU to share their expertise in food preparation within the School.” He also thanked all sponsors who had come forward for this event and hope that it would be a good experience for the students of the School.