My Hope 61

Performance by the students. Prof. Dr. Hiew Pang Leang get wet after the dunking session.
Part of the booth whom participated in My Hope 61. All the profit of the booth renting contribute to Tabung Harapan Malaysia. KDU’s Vice Chancellor, Prof. Dr. Hiew Pang Leang officiate the opening ceremony of My Hope 61.

Patriotic KDU’s students and staffs displayed the spirit of “Sayangi Malaysiaku” (Love My Malaysia). Hari Merdeka, which is also known as Independence Day, is celebrated on August 31st each year and is the day that Malaysians celebrate, well, their independence. They threw off the yoke of British colonial rule in 1957 and Hari Merdeka signifies that date.
Named My Hope 61, the event saw live music performances, scrumptious food as well as a spoken word performance and dunking activities.
Kicking off the celebrations, Prof Dr Hiew Pang Leang, Vice Chancellor of KDU, who highlighted that the event does not only aim to provide a platform for KDU, but also to encourage them to give back to the community.
For each activities, part of the revenue collected pledge to Tabung Harapan.
Looking back, there is a lot of gratitude that we must have and currently share. Although there were many doubters at home and abroad before and just after Merdeka, we somehow succeeded in a complex and somewhat complicated multiracial and multi-religious and unique country and society. 
We have come a long way and we are grateful for our rapid progress since Merdeka. However, let’s resolve on our 61st Merdeka anniversary to adopt some of the solutions and find new ones, to overcome our many deep concerns, for our future.
Hopefully, our aspiration for Malaysia to be progressive, peaceful and fair will remain forever. Love this Malaysia of ours.
Selamat Hari Merdeka to all Malaysians!