Pave Your Way In Tertiary Education With The Multidisciplinary Foundation Studies (Art & Technology) At KDU

Pic 1 – Group photo of a lecturer and Foundation in Arts & Technology Students at a batik painting factory. Pic 2 – Foundation in Arts & Technology Students having an outdoor classroom experience at Zoo Negara.
Pic 3 – Bright students of KDU who graduated from their Foundation Studies in Arts & Technology and currently pursuing their dreams in their respective fields with KDU University College.(Left) Heng Li Hui, (Centre) Marcus Leong, (Right) Naim Iskandar.  
Choosing the best foundation programme that suits your forte, post SPM, may seem challenging and at times daunting. There are various disciplines of foundations out there for every industry, for students to choose in order to kick start their tertiary education journey. While this means there are plenty of options to choose from, it can be overwhelming for students who are uncertain on what discipline they should invest themselves into. Understanding this challenge that SPM leavers face, KDU University College designed its Foundation Studies (Art & Technology) as a multidisciplinary programme, embracing the fundamental element of flexibility, as well as stimulating independence and creativity for students to further their studies in various fields.
The Foundation Studies (Art & Technology) Programme, developed by KDU’s School of Computing and Creative Media (SCCM), broadens the horizon and possibilities of students to excel at their choice of degree programmes while providing them with ample opportunities to accelerate their growth in other related fields such as game development, business, communication, computing, and hospitality.
Foundation studies is a phase students are provided with the opportunity to cultivate their knowledge base and hone their skills set, to ensure they get the best possible start to their life as an undergraduate. “We believe that a foundation programme is the time for students to explore, experiment, adapt and identify their strengths in order to garner their soft skills and establish a solid ground to move forward in their later studies,” Tan Chin Ike, Head of SCCM, elaborated.
Adding on, Tan said, “One of our unique feature is that all of our foundation students from various streams – be it business, hospitality, communication, games or computing - are under the same roof which creates diversity for exchange of ideas, mindset and mentality to occur between the students from different backgrounds and fields of study. The foundation programme here at KDU allows students to have friends outside of their respective programmes or study disciplines, and according to many successful people, some of the best networks happen in university and a general foundation helps to foster that,” Tan said.

“This foundation programme also helps to develop students’ critical thinking process and satisfy their inquisitive nature, as they explore effective methods of conducting research, ask the right questions, self-study and start to build the blocks for a tertiary education mindset at this level,” Tan explained.
Apart from the versatile approach of this foundation programme, students are accommodated with state-of-the-art facilities that create an excellent learning environment to learn, research, experiment and explore. “We have the best facilities, and the best lecturers possible. With all these resources, we make sure that our students excel by giving them the necessary tools, exposure and opportunities.” The environment here at KDU University College is optimum for students’ study-life balance, providing them with a well-balanced university student experience that prepares them to adapt to the tertiary level of education more effectively.
According to Naim Iskandar, a former Foundation Studies (Art and Technology) student who is now pursuing his Bachelor of Game Development at KDU, “The programme is unique in the sense that it combines subjects from different disciplines such as business, communications and creative media, which allows me to broaden my horizon and explore more possibilities in expanding my potential. The programme did not just help me acquire the knowledge that I needed, it also helped me build character. I would say, this programme is an excellent choice that brings the best out of those fresh from SPM.”
Another former Foundation Studies (Art & Technology) student, Marcus Leong, stated that students should opt for this programme because it is a great place to start exploring their study path and meet new people from different backgrounds. Currently an undergraduate student of KDU’s Bachelor of Communication, he said, “I found the programme to be very unique, and I had fun in most of the subjects as there were a lot of group-based and hands-on experience rather than the plain typical classroom experience.” This observation was echoed by another former foundation studies student, Heng Li Hui, where she said, “The classes held are mostly learning through doing.” The current Bachelor of Game Development student also said, “The lecturers encourage students to have hands-on experience in their subjects, be it writing, drawing, crafting, or presenting. I find that the lecturers are very skilled and experienced in the respective subjects that they teach. However, their friendly and eager-to-help personalities are the main reasons that I’m always interested and ready to learn. Simply said, the Foundation Studies in Arts and Technology is a programme of a broad-based education made fun!”