Performance Showcase 2018 - Death of A Warrior

Duel scene between Hang Tuah & Hang Jebat played by Amir Hamzah & Kent Loh-Gan. Amir Hamzah in the role of Hang Tuah.
On 27th July 2018 the Diploma in Entertainment Arts students transformed into characters from 15th Century Sultanate of Malacca and enthralled the audience members at Taman Budaya Kuala Lumpur. The play which tales the story of the tragic friendship between two legends and warriors during the Sultanate, Hang Tuah and Hang Jebat is taken from a Malay play written by our National Laureate, Usman Awang, called “Matinya Seorang Pahlawan”. The play was translated into English by Dr Roselina Johari Bt. Md. Khir. The play was also directed by lecturers from Department of Creative Arts, SCCA - Dr Roselina and Mr Wilson Siew.

The Annual Performance Showcase Graduation Project entitled “Death of A Warrior” by the Diploma in Entertainment Arts students from School of Communication & Creative Arts is an effort to proudly present the talented students into the professional world of theatre performance. The students taking the Performance Showcase module were evaluated based on their ability to apply the techniques and skills that they have learned in the class into their live stage acting performance and to produce, manage, create, design and promote a professional theatre show.
The Performance Showcase was a collaboration with Jabatan Kesenian dan Kebudayaan Negara (National Arts and Culture Department/JKKN) as the Director of JKNN – Dato’ Norliza Rofli had graciously sponsored the theatre space for the students production.

The Performance Showcase was attended by many VIP guests including our very own Prof. Hiew Pang Leang –Vice Chancellor of KDU University College, Mr Loo Chong Hang – Head of School, School of Communication & Creative Arts, Dato’ Zahim Albakry – Kaki Seni Award winning stage and film actor and director and external examiners from University of Malaya and Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris (UPSI). The student performers received many positive feedbacks from the VIP guest and panel of industry experts.

The School of Communication & Creative Arts aims that the Performance Showcase will be a great exposure for the students to step into the multifaceted world of entertainment industry.